Subway's Mysterious Olympic Avocado Graph Explained

Max Read · 07/31/12 09:51AM

If you've been watching a lot of NBC's Olympics coverage, you've probably seen this Subway commercial. "Try avocado on any sub," beseeches winter Olympian Apolo Ohno. And then this graph appears on the screen. What does this graph mean?

Pretty Graph Chart Shows Print Journalism's Ugly Downfall

Foster Kamer · 09/26/09 05:30PM, way to promote your product! The free online money management program put together a wonderful, well-designed chart to show you how well they design things like charts. Their morbidly glee-tinted topic: the death of newspapers.

Congressional Repubs Win Media War

Pareene · 01/30/09 10:46AM

Watching the cable news, one might get the impression that Republicans aren't a completely powerless minority party. They're still opinionating like it's 2004 out there!

Illegal Advertisers Continue To Elude Police

Hamilton Nolan · 06/10/08 01:40PM

Anti-American socialists like the watchdogs at the Anti-Advertising Agency often point out that the advertising industry is—without exaggeration—one of the biggest vandals in New York City. Illegal advertising includes everything from entire sides of buildings and scaffoldings covered in banner ads without permits, to virtually the entire "guerilla marketing" and "street team" industries. All those things are, technically speaking, vandalism. So the NYPD's vandal squad should be breaking down ad agency doors daily, right? This handy pie chart puts the law enforcement situation into perspective. Click to enlarge. [via AAA]