Fox News Has No Clue Where States Are or Which Candidates Are Which

Max Read · 12/14/11 02:57PM

There are two possible explanations for these horrendously mislabeled graphics from yesterday's Special Report with Brett Baier: one, that no one at Fox News knows or cares about where Nevada and New Hampshire are; or two, that the network is somehow trying to fool the Obama administration into pumping millions of dollars into Utah, thinking that it's actually Nevada. Not sure which is less embarrassing. [via Media Matters; image via AP]

How Advertisers Market to Boys and Girls

Max Read · 04/10/11 03:48PM

The Achilles Effect, a blog about gender stereotypes and masculinity, took stock of the frequency with which certain words are used in commercials for "gendered" toys like Hot Wheels and Bratz by making Wordle word clouds. See if you can guess which cloud goes with which gender! (Hint: Boys hate friendship, fun and glitter.) [Achilles Effect via Boing Boing]

Monday Night Football Graphics FAIL

Chris Wyman · 12/28/10 09:15AM

It's NFL Week 16, but ESPN's graphics department is still having issues. This clip from last night's MNF shows a couple of "lorem ipsum" teams rounding out the NFC playoff picture with records of 0-0. As if we wouldn't notice!

The iPhone Map of the World

Sheila · 05/09/08 11:08AM

Did you know that there are people in certain parts of the world who have never even seen an iPhone? Fortune has helpfully mapped out the fetishized Apple product's availability. The countries where one can procure an iPhone (at least by this summer) are marked in red. (Sucks to be you, Russia!) Of course, the map does not include black-market iPhones. [Fortune]

Indie Rockers As Fashion Icons

Hamilton Nolan · 03/10/08 11:53AM

The NYT's T Magazine has a handy graphic breaking down the fashion styles of indie rockers, and confirming once and for all that nobody should aspire to be an indie rocker. Each band profiled corresponds to a luxury brand. Doesn't that violate some sort of tenet of indie cred? PLUS they are all matched with smiley fashion slogans summing up their look, which just makes you realize that it is always an unwise decision for a band to agree to participate in a story in T Magazine. Below, a picture of each band and their supposed "look"; which is most preposterous? [I vote "Williamsburg prep"]