Iran Threatens to Boycott Olympics Over Logo

Max Read · 02/28/11 09:30PM

In the four years since its unveiling, the graffiti-inspired logo for the 2012 London Olympics has been accused of looking like many thing: The Waffen SS insignia, for instance, or Lisa Simpson giving head. And now, because why not, the Iranian Olympic committee has gotten into the game and accused the logo of spelling out "Zion." The organizers must be huge Bob Marley fans! Or, if you listen to the Iranians, it's a secret pro-Israel message. How surprising, that the Iranian government is making noise about something bizarre and tenuously related to Jews! We still think it looks more like the Lisa Simpson blowjob thing. [NYDN]

Turns Out Comic Sans Is Good for Something

Max Read · 01/14/11 01:45AM

Poor Comic Sans! The favorite font of administrative assistants and H.R. representatives everywhere is deeply hated by so-called "design nerds." But guess what, design nerds? Poor unpopular Comic Sans might actually have a beneficial use. Because it's so horrifically ugly.

'New York' Celebrates New York With 23 Unused Covers

Rebecca · 03/05/08 03:20PM

Every time I get down about skyrocketing rent and service changes to the F train, I turn to New York magazine. It just reminds me that I live in the greatest city of all time, ever, and if I ever moved to a place with fresh air, I would die from lack of exposure to fusion cuisine. This week, it's The Best of The Greatest City of All Time, Ever, Issue. To ensure that New York magazine could fully illustrate just how great New York City is, the magazine commissioned designs for 25 covers. And then, because the spirit of New York and New York lies in wasteful, reckless spending, they only used two. I got the one on the right, but I'm thinking about going out to newsstands to buy the other one for commemorative purposes. That's just how awesome New York is. [Folio]