Dr. Oz Shows Us The Importance of Grapes

Michelle Cacciatore · 08/06/10 03:14PM

You have to appreciate a doctor that doesn't mind getting a little messy for the message of good health. Today on Dr. Oz, we learned not only should we stomp on grapes... but we should rub them on our face.

The 12 Most Pesticide-Contaminated Fruits and Vegetables

Max Read · 06/01/10 11:34PM

The Environmental Working Group, a public health nonprofit, has created a list of the fruits and vegetables most contaminated by pesticides according to the government's produce pesticide reports. Do you like peaches? Than you may not want to keep reading.

Showdown at Showtime: The Email That Everyone Is Talking About

Molly Friedman · 02/14/08 12:07PM

Late last night, we received an anonymous email explaining the details behind an ugly incident that recently went down between two Vice Presidents at Showtime, an incident that ended up with one of the two Veeps getting fired. This email was initially distributed to a number of Showtime staffers but quickly made its way to the outside world (Nikki Finke is proclaiming it as being "the talk of Hollywood"). The full tale involves an intimate birthday dinner, an expense account gone wrong, an employee in a position of power known as "Mr. Untouchable" and a whole Valley full of tears. While names have been redacted to protect the (potentially) innocent, that doesn't make the juice any less tasty. Read the sordid tale of the people we'll call Thing 1, Thing 2 and Thing 3 after the jump!