An Open Letter to My White Grandfather

Victor Ray · 05/02/15 12:00PM

I’ve started this letter five times and deleted it five times. Even though we’ve never met I’ve known you all my life. I learned you existed from a letter addressed to someone else. A few months ago, my mom told me you wanted to meet me along with my wife and son. I was surprised. I hear we have some things in common. You love Laphraoig and, like me, tend to overindulge in it. You are slow to recant an opinion. You’re an avid reader of political books, although I imagine our choices here likely differ. But I struggle to understand what meeting you would accomplish. In an earlier draft of this letter, I wrote that I forgave you. But I realized that I was writing what people want to hear in instances like this, not what I actually feel. How do you forgive a forty-year absence?

Adorable Dad Learns He's Going to Be a Grandpa

Jay Hathaway · 04/25/14 08:23AM

Even the sourest among us can probably muster some happy tears for this older man who just found out his life is about to change in the nicest way possible.

Grandfather Picks Up Wrong Kid at School, Takes Her To Doctor

Max Rivlin-Nadler · 10/06/13 02:01PM

A grandfather in the United Kingdom picked up a child from a Kent school and took her to a doctor's appointment, then returned her to school later that day. Sounds like a heartwarming afternoon. Except that it was the wrong kid altogether.

Grandma Tries to Sell Grandson, Fails Miserably

Jeff Neumann · 11/06/10 01:52PM

A 45-year-old woman named Patty Bigbee was arrested yesterday with her boyfriend after they tried to sell her baby grandson for $75,000. After some haggling the buyer, an undercover police informant, got Bigbee to agree to $30,000.

Best Grandfather Ever Attempts to Smuggle Pot into Jail

Max Read · 08/22/10 09:33PM

Ohioan Richard Heritz was arrested earlier this month for smuggling marijuana into the Warren Correction Institution for an inmate. The thing is: Richard Heritz is 85. And the inmate who was supposed to receive the weed is his grandson, Gregory.