Lacey Donohue · 11/20/13 08:15PM

Homeless veteran Jim Wolf, star of the timelapse makeover viral hit, was arrested on Sunday at a Burger King in Grand Rapids, Mich. Wolf pled guilty to charges of trespassing and creating a disturbance. He will serve 20 days in jail.

Fox Camera Person Maybe Still Learning the Ropes

Lauri Apple · 10/22/11 11:12AM

Considering that Grand Rapids, Michigan is one of America's hotspots for slick production values, we're somewhat surprised by the poor panning work displayed in this Fox 17 Morning News excerpt. Hey Camera Person, you're supposed to train the camera on the lady who's talking about the gas lines or whatever, not the two anchors who are just sitting there in silence, clutching their mugs full of vodka Nescafe. For our amusement, anchorman Mike Avery responds to the mishap by making a bunch of exaggerated facial expressions that are not only fun to imitate but possibly indicative of a past career in silent movie acting.

Here's the World's First Senior Citizen Lip Dub Video

Matt Cherette · 07/13/11 03:31AM

Back in May, the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan got back at Newsweek for putting it on a list of "dying cities" with a giant, single-take lip dub video. Now the fine old folks at Clark Retirement Community in East Grand Rapids—in conjunction with Grand Valley State University—have just released a new single-take lip dub, set this time to Michael Bublé's "Feeling Good." After watching it, we bet you'll feel good, too.

7 Dead, Hostages Taken in Michigan Shooting Spree

Seth Abramovitch · 07/07/11 07:46PM

A shooting spree in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has left seven dead, including one child. The suspect, 34-year-old Rodrick Dantzler (pictured), is currently holed up in an apartment with at least one hostage.

'Dying' Michigan City to Newsweek: Drop Dead

Matt Cherette · 05/26/11 11:29PM

Back in January, Newsweek placed Grand Rapids, Michigan on a list of America's "Dying Cities." Naturally, many Grand Rapids natives (like yours truly!) were outraged by the grievous attack on the office furniture capital of the world. (It's true.)