Study: Hot Students Make Better Grades

Sarah Hedgecock · 12/10/13 01:28PM

A new study released this week purports to show that more attractive high-school students tend to make better grades. As if high school weren't hard enough.

Everybody in College Gets Good Grades Now

Hamilton Nolan · 07/14/11 03:59PM

In my day, college grades were evenly distributed on a "curve," which was determined by...well who knows, we were all so blunted back then. The point is, you can now safely accuse kids these days of getting everything for free.

L.A. Schools Give Up on Homework

Hamilton Nolan · 06/27/11 08:18AM

Homework is only the worst idea ever. Who was the first jerk who was like, "Hey, got a great idea here, after we made you sit in school all day let's send more school work home with you, so as to infest your every waking hour with dread and help you develop a lifelong loathing of formal education?" I mean come on. Kids hate doing homework. Teachers hate grading homework. Now, students in LA are more or less free to never do homework again.

Republican Professors Are Racist, Study More or Less Says

Hamilton Nolan · 05/20/11 11:33AM

A new study—which will doubtlessly be oversimplified and distorted by liberal blogs like us in order to demonize those whose political beliefs we find repulsive—has found that Democratic professors grade like this ("I am a laid-back hippie"), while Republican professors grade like this ("All the black students fail!").