Condé Nast Held in Contempt for Publishing Michael Wolff Column

J.K. Trotter · 11/18/15 01:48PM

Earlier this year, England’s attorney general accused the magazine publisher Condé Nast of interfering with the 2013 News of the World phone-hacking trial by permitting British GQ to publish a courtroom report—excerpted here—by the American media columnist Michael Wolff. The charges were brazenly contemptuous of press freedom, but as we noted at the time, they apparently inspired Condé to erase nearly every trace of Wolff’s column from the internet. Today, the Lord Chief Justice of London’s High Court of Justice ruled against Condé in an eleven-page decision, holding the publisher in contempt of court:

Writer's $600 Sneakers Render Him Incapable of Relating to Loved Ones

Andy Cush · 11/26/14 03:35PM

Every November, media types, ourselves included, trot out the trope that spending time with family during Thanksgiving is necessarily a difficult thing. Your sister is hateful, your uncles are racist, your nana's candied yams are a brutal, sunset-hued chore to be endured. Today, we meet the saddest victim of these holiday communication breakdowns: a poor soul whose excellent taste in footwear left him unable to bond with the people he cherished most.

Matthew McConaughey: Racist Team Name "Gives Me Some Oomph"

Jay Hathaway · 10/21/14 01:12PM

Matthew McConaughey, actor, chest-thumper, and true detective, has done some serious ethical calculus regarding the name of Washington D.C.'s football team. And after weighing the history of "redskin" as an ethnic slur against the "little bit of fire and some oomph" the team's emblem brings, he's made his final decision: The name stands.

Adam Weinstein · 07/02/14 11:31AM

"The latrines are indeed kind of full. My eyes water with the smell of freedom." GQ's Zach Baron ventured out to Bunkerville and wrote the ultimate postmortem on Cliven Bundy, his army encampment of misanthropes, and the American revolution that wasn't.

Ukraine's Human Barbie Says Race-Mixing Ruined Beauty Standards

Jay Hathaway · 04/08/14 09:33AM

A new GQ interview with Ukranian model Valeriya Lukyanova attempts to reveal the human underneath the "human Barbie," but ends up uncovering a "racist space alien" instead. Lukyanova's comments about mixed-race people and declining beauty standards are pretty gross, even for a creepy living doll.

Kendrick Lamar Pulled From GQ Party in Response to Mag Profile

Rich Juzwiak · 11/18/13 05:32PM

Last week, rapper Kendrick Lamar was honored among GQ's elite in the magazine's Men of the Year issue. But Lamar's label boss didn't want the honor: Anthony "Top Dawg" Tiffith, who represents Top Dawg Entertainment, unceremoniously pulled his artist from the party that accompanied the issue, calling out writer Steve Marsh's profile, "Kendrick Lamar: Rapper of the Year," for its "racial overtones."

The Backstory of the Ricin Letter Sent To Obama Is Absolutely Cuckoo

Camille Dodero · 09/30/13 06:02PM

Last spring, after a ricin-tainted letter was sent to President Obama, the FBI arrested Paul Kevin Curtis, an Elvis impersonator and Prince super-fan from Mississippi, on suspicion of mailing the poison correspondence. But then a week later, charges against Curtis were dropped and soon another Mississippi musician was taken into custody, Tae Kwon Do instructor J. Everett Dutschke, who turned out to be Curtis's bitter rival. In the October issue of GQ, author/writer Wells Tower digs into the feud and the whole thing gets weirder—so so so much weirder.

Robert Downey Jr. Says Overacting Is Like Bestiality

Rich Juzwiak · 04/16/13 02:15PM

Chris Heath warns you up high in his GQ cover story on Robert Downey Jr., that: "Conversations with Robert Downey Jr. are rarely linear, and sometimes it takes a moment to realize how one thing might relate to the next." Yes, this seems to be the perfect way to set up the inscrutable parallel the actor draws to overly emotional acting and bestiality porn (not that he's watched it, he's just seen it being sold in Amsterdam...). Here is the powerful exchange:

Buzz Bissinger's Midlife Sex Crisis Metastasized Into a $600,000 Shopping Addiction

Max Read · 03/26/13 11:48AM

Buzz Bissinger is having a sexual midlife crisis. The Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Friday Night Lights stopped having sex with his wife "several years ago," he writes, and "began to wonder about sex and sexuality and where exactly I fit in in the complex spectrum." He started experimenting with sex with men, in being a "dominant leather master," in cross-dressing, in sex clubs. And he spent $600,000 on clothes that make him look like a Russian music producer.

Tom Scocca · 03/11/13 02:15PM

"[T]here are no reservations between 7pm and 9pm. Anywhere. Even a dreary spot." Michael Wolff is now Cindy Adams.