Pilot's Flight Path Forms Majestic Sky-Dick Over Florida

Jay Hathaway · 03/13/15 11:45AM

A Florida pilot out for a jaunt in his private two-seater yesterday took an unusual path from Kissimee toward Florida's western coast, dipping south toward Lakeland, and then suddenly heading due Nort—he drew a big dick in the sky, okay? That's what I'm getting at. His flight path was 20 miles of penis and testes. He was the captain, welcoming himself aboard the nonstop to donger city.

Adam Weinstein · 04/29/14 12:27PM

Researchers are feverishly working on a "GPS bullet" that cops could shoot at your car, attaching itself to the chassis and helping law enforcement track your vehicle's movements. Don't worry, the ACLU is... not entirely against it? Hrmm.

Sex Offenders Accused of Murder Were Wearing Court-Ordered GPS Devices

Gabrielle Bluestone · 04/16/14 06:59PM

Two convicted sex offenders accused of murdering at least four women in California were literally on the government's radar the whole time—police say the men, who checked in with probation officers on a regular basis, were both wearing court-ordered GPS ankle devices.

The Government Really Is Tracking Your Every Move · 11/08/11 03:38PM

As the Supreme Court gets ready to hear oral arguments in a case Tuesday that could determine if authorities can track U.S. citizens with GPS vehicle trackers without a warrant, a young man in California has come forward to Wired to reveal that he found not one but two different devices on his vehicle recently.

GPS Tracking the Only Way to Get Kids to Go to School

Adrian Chen · 02/18/11 06:25PM

A California elementary school is launching a six-week pilot program to track their young students like so many wild bobcats. Kids with a lot of absences will be able to volunteer to be tracked with GPS in order to make sure they are in school learning, instead of doing the sex and the gangs out on the street. From the Orange County Register:

Every Snoop Dogg Interview This Week: Condensed!

Kirk · 12/17/09 12:15PM

Snoop's been on a publicity frenzy this week. So far, he's been on Colbert, Wendy Williams, Conan, and the View. Friday, he'll be on Jimmy Kimmel. Can you guess which questions Jimmy and Snoop will be exchanging? We can.

'NYT' Writer Bemoans Technology, Longs for Scummy Old New York

ian spiegelman · 10/04/08 01:24PM

Oh nuts. Technology is ruining NYC. You see, according to the Sunday Times, no one will get lost in the city and discover awesome new "foreign" neighborhoods by accident anymore because kids have GPS on their cellphones and cabs have interactive touch-screens and the magic is gone, and that is really, really meaningful... For instance, never again will you get some of this crazy only-in-New-York-ness: "You go for a few blocks, unsure, your senses on the alert. In this fog of momentary disorientation, you are nonetheless aware of various clues: a whiff of halal spices, both foreign and familiar; a heated conversation in Polish in your left ear; a taxi driver cursing in Caribbean Spanish in your right." Wait. We'll all speak one language? It's Babylon! God will smite us!

Jordan Golson · 12/06/07 12:28PM

GPS device maker TomTom has partnered with Google so TomTom owners can send business name and address information directly from Google Maps to their sat-nav systems wirelessly. This is similar to the Send To Car feature that Google and BMW rolled out earlier this year. [Bloomberg]

TomTom raises offer for Tele Atlas to $4.22 billion

Jordan Golson · 11/07/07 11:24AM

TomTom, the GPS device maker, has raised its offer for digital mapping service Tele Atlas to $4.22 billion. This is a substantial rise over rival Garmin's prior bid of $3.3 billion. That offer topped a prior one by TomTom for $2.5 billion. The market thinks the purchase price will be driven higher as Tele Atlas's stock price is trading higher than even the latest offer. TomTom has purchased a 28.3 percent stake in Tele Atlas already on the public market. Garmin owns a little over 5 percent of the company.

Big Brother is driving cabs off the road in New York

Owen Thomas · 09/05/07 01:10PM

How typical of Gawker to report on a story — in this case, the New York taxi strike — and obliviously miss the tech angle. Why are some New York City taxi drivers going on strike? Why, they're protesting a requirement that cabs be outfitted with GPS transponders. The GPS devices, some contend, could be used to track drivers' movements. Corporate employees endure similar snooping of their every move on the Web, thanks to email-scanning and Web-tracking software installed by their overlords — and yet you don't see them going on strike. Our guess is that access to porn and Flash games isn't as important to tech workers as the threat of vehicle tracking is to cabdrivers. Whatever. If this means that we'll actually be able to get a cab in Brooklyn, we say track those bastards down to the last foot. (Photo by sposnick)