The Most Arnold Schwarzenegger-y Moment Ever

Maureen O'Connor · 10/07/11 04:45PM

In a sleepy Austrian hamlet today, a hulking superhuman lovingly caressed the buttock of a grotesquely muscled 8-foot-tall bronze state of himself.

Arnold Wears 'I Survived Maria' T-Shirt

Maureen O'Connor · 08/08/11 04:03PM

The Schwarzenegger-Shriver divorce just crossed the threshold from "slightly tense" to "blatantly bellicose." (Playfully bellicose?) Arnold went biking in an "I SURVIVED MARIA" t-shirt on Sunday, TMZ reports.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Ready for You to Love Him Again

Richard Lawson · 07/11/11 04:48PM

The Governator (har har) may finally have a secure deal to star in a movie again. Also today: Good news about Jennifer Lopez, better news about Dr. Drew, and best news about your favorite sitcom.

An Encyclopedia of Every Other Awful Thing Arnold Schwarzenegger Has Done

John Cook · 05/19/11 05:30AM

While we're busy contemplating what an awful human being Arnold Schwarzenegger is for fathering a child out of wedlock and lying to his wife about it for 14 years, let's not forget all the other horrible things about America's favorite gay-porn-modeling, serial lady-groping, Nazi politician/statutory rapist.

Relive the Moment Arnold and Maria Fell In Love

Seth Abramovitch · 05/15/11 08:39PM

Here's one of the scattered pictures of the smiles Arnold Scharzenegger and Maria Shriver are in the process of leaving behind. It was sent to us by photographer Brad Elterman, who snapped the couple back in 1977 at a Las Vegas charity softball tournament hosted by Kenny Rogers. As Elterman recalls, "He was totally cool and loved the attention of my camera, but Maria made a hissy fit about having her photo taken."

Arnold Schwarzenegger Wants To Be The Terminator Again

Seth Abramovitch · 04/27/11 01:04AM

Arnold Schwarzenegger's team is shopping around yet another Terminator sequel, in which the former governor would reprise his iconic role as a herniated, lactose-intolerant killing-machine on an unstoppable mission to find a chiropractor who accepts his health insurance. [Hollywood Reporter]