Fried Chicken Chips Combine America's Three Greatest Passions

Hamilton Nolan · 06/13/12 08:28AM

If the average American had his way, every item that he encountered on a day-to-day basis—cars, household appliances, furniture, children—would be breaded, fried, and then cut into "chip" size for purposes of snacking convenience. Also, all of the aforementioned things would be made of chicken. The great folks in the fast food industry are doing everything in their power to make this "American Dream" come true.

A Shell of a Mockery of Gourmet Magazine Is Back!

Hamilton Nolan · 06/22/10 12:18PM

In your tender Tuesday media column: Gourmet "returns," Mr. Magazine turns 25, editors bitch and moan about their slave wages and awful jobs, and ABC News knows what you're thinking, and it's not true.

The Trolling Cook

Ryan Tate · 10/16/09 11:24AM

Christopher Kimball would like you to subscribe to his magazine and website, and has been trolling various media for attention. The Cook's Illustrated publisher's latest ploy: A cookoff between him and Wikipedia. Talk about a ridiculous match up.

Event Honoring Gourmet Needs Gourmet People to Honor

Hamilton Nolan · 10/16/09 11:21AM

This Sunday, some of the world's most famous chefs are getting together in Manhattan and "honoring the editors,writers and staff of the legendary culinary publication Gourmet Magazine." The only thing missing: Gourmet staffers. Um...you know any?

Hell's Kitchen Picked the Wrong Magazine

Hamilton Nolan · 10/14/09 11:45AM

The finale of Fox's Hell's Kitchen was last night. We won't tell you who won the competition, but "Most Awkward" prize goes to now-dead Gourmet magazine, which was prominently featured in the show! Click to watch the painful highlight clip.

Everyone Wants to Be Biggest Dying Paper

Hamilton Nolan · 10/12/09 12:50PM

In your papery Monday media column: the ferocious war of words for newspaper supremacy, another theory about Gourmet's death, the sensible end of newspaper endorsements, and a cool new newspaper hero!

Gourmet's Dead. Don't Blame The Internet.

Hamilton Nolan · 10/08/09 09:21AM

The death of Gourmet has prompted plenty of maudlin remembrances. And plenty of suggestions as to why we should mourn it: the food, Ruth Reichl, the jobs, the beauty. One theory to ignore: the internet is ruining smart magazines!

Conde Nasties Now Forced to Do Common Office Chores, Like Peasants

The Cajun Boy · 07/23/09 09:14PM

The consultants haven't even arrived yet and the Conde Nasties are already being forced to sacrifice. According to this note posted in the common area of the Gourmet offices, the Nasties are now being forced to wash their own dishes!