Dinosaurs Prepare to Do Battle With Aliens

Richard Lawson · 05/10/11 04:58PM

First the cowboys, and now the dinosaurs. Well, actually the dinosaurs probably came first, timeline was. But whatever. The aliens are coming for 'em, and a big movie is in the works! Also today: Alec Baldwin does something smart, Al Pacino does something dumb, and, of course, Hunger Games.

John Gotti Bookmark Makes Reading Fun, Creepy

Jessica · 10/04/06 12:10PM

You really can't have enough love for the kids at The Smoking Gun, whose propensity for creative gift-giving knows no limits. For their 2004 holiday gift, they sent out loofahs packaged as Bill O'Reilly Falafels; last year, we received bottles of Valerie Flame hot sauce. God knows what the 2006 season will bring, but in the meantime they've created a fantastic promotional gift for their new book, The Dog Dialed 911: 2000 authentic John Gotti prison-worn uniform bookmarks. Just like game-worn baseball cards, which feature a fabric swatches from athletes' uniforms, the Gotti prison-worn bookmark features a fabric swatch from a prison uniform actually worn by late don John Gotti while locked up at the federal penitentiary in Marion, Illinois. Gotti's widow, Victoria, who was not consulted on the matter, tells the Daily News, "I find it macabre, to say the least." Macabre, sure — but promoting literacy always comes first.

Best Jury Duty Ever: The John Gotti Jr. Trial

Jessica · 08/16/05 09:43AM

The Black Table has an interesting piece written by Mia Amato, who had the strange fortune of being screened as a potential juror for the trial of John Gotti Jr. Somewhat remarkably, Amato made it to the voir dire phase of screening, where the judge began to ask personal questions: