Finally, What Lost Is Really About

Richard Lawson · 02/16/10 04:14PM

Lost is full of many mysteries, all perplexing paradoxes and symbolism. At last here is a video that boils the show down to its bare essence. This, dear uninitiated Lost-phobes, is what you've been missing all these years.

Letterman Nails McCain On Terror Pal

Ryan Tate · 10/16/08 10:18PM

Here's a preview of John McCain on Late Show tonight. He told host David Letterman, "I screwed up," then laughed and did a little "gee whiz" shrug, and made an awkward joke about being tortured in Vietnam. "What can I say?!" the Republican presidential nominee asked. Um, maybe give a reason why you lied about having to fly back to DC when you bailed on Letterman's show last time? Apparently that wasn't in the cards. Letterman later hit McCain for paling around with Watergate burglar and would-be firebomber G. Gordon Liddy, even though McCain has slammed Barack Obama for an arguably more distant relationship with 1960s radical William Ayers. By the end of the segment McCain appeared to be in full retreat on the Ayers issue. Witness McCain statement at the end of the clip after the jump (along with more bizarre face-pulls).

Things HP CEO Mark Hurd is too busy for

Nick Douglas · 09/25/06 04:50PM

Because the story that Hewlett-Packard's CEO was too "focused on getting the company fixed" to make sure the chairwoman didn't break it again is ludicrous, and because making comics is fun, here are more situations Mark Hurd can't handle because he's busy with his job.

Jason Fried expands his little thing

Nick Douglas · 07/21/06 06:34PM

So wait, if superstar developer Jason Fried is this month's cover story for a small business magazine titled "The Next Small Thing"...