Gossip Girl: Never Trust a Belgian

Richard Lawson · 02/08/11 02:15PM

Snoooooze. Wasn't last night's episode boring? What happened? Nothing! Well, I mean, things happened, but nothing sexy, really. It was all about business and morals and, like, whether parolees should stay at your house and stuff. Who cares! Who among us hasn't answered the question of whether a parolee should live in our house a long time ago, and in our own way? These are mundane, well-trod topics people, and they do not make for exciting television. Sigh.

Gossip Girl: Chuck Bass Tries Mixing Business with Pleasure

John Siegel · 02/07/11 11:55PM

With the impending sale of Bass Industries, Chuck tries to insert himself in the company's business. Coincidentally, he has also been inserting himself into the daughter of the man buying Bass Industries. What a tangled business web Chuck has woven.

Gossip Girl: Special Friends

Richard Lawson · 02/01/11 12:36PM

Last night on Skins' stuffy older sister, everyone was having problems with relationships. Who to trust, who to turn to, whom to seek comfort in on dark, confusing nights. What fretful, lost little creatures these kids are.

Blair & Dan Try To Out-Intern Each Other on Gossip Girl

John Siegel · 02/01/11 09:20AM

Enemies Blair and Dan found their paths unexpectedly crossing on tonight's Gossip Girl. Interning at W Magazine together, Dan and Blair quickly realize they are the best interns and go to great lengths to prove their superiority over each other.

Gossip Girl: The Plots Re-Thicken

Richard Lawson · 01/25/11 12:01PM

Everyone's favorite youth Kabuki troupe has finally returned to the airwaves after a long winter's nap. How did we find our friends? Wholly changed? Born anew? Some! Some are different! Others remain, alas, mostly the same.

George Clooney Involved in Horrifying Italian Sex Murders

Richard Lawson · 01/05/11 04:45PM

Willingly involved! You never know a guy until you do, huh? Also today: A Ouija board movie directed by McG sure is going to be good, Camille Grammer is to retire on Frasier money, and Illeana Douglas news.

Listen to Leighton Meester's Country Music Debut

Whitney Jefferson · 12/17/10 03:06PM

Now that we've heard the pipes on Leighton singing in Country Strong, I think we can all agree that the Gossip Girl makes a better country songstress than a talk/rapping pop star. Listen to both of her songs inside.

Gossip Girl: The Haunting of Connecticut

Richard Lawson · 12/07/10 01:03PM

Ahhh sweet resolution! Well, almost resolution. The half-season arc of Whatever Happened to Baby Serena is finally drawing to a close, and last night some answers were finally dragged kicking and screaming into the light.

Gossip Girl Takes a Trip To Connecticut and the Past

nightintern · 12/07/10 12:33AM

Juliet's manipulation of Serena into a mental hospital has the Gossip Girl gang delving into Serena's past. In Connecticut, Dan and Blair investigate Serena's history with Juliet. In the hospital, Serena searches her past for where she went wrong.

Gossip Girl: Things to Do in Queens When You're Dead

Richard Lawson · 11/30/10 11:34AM

Last night was the worst Thanksgiving ever! Not only was Blair wearing a 1983 Waffle House plastic tablecloth as a dress, but Serena was basically ruined as a human being. No one trusts or likes her anymore. Or do they?

Gossip Girl May Have Stolen Serena's Kidneys

nightintern · 11/29/10 10:52PM

The last episode of Gossip Girl ended badly for Serena Van Der Woodsen. This week begins poorly for Serena as she wakes up drugged in a sleazy Queens motel. And, if urban legends are true, her kidneys are probably gone.

Gossip Girl: Serena Is Dead, Long Live Serena

Richard Lawson · 11/16/10 12:57PM

Set your phasers to fun! Last night's Gossip Girl was so full of intrigue is was like a carnival ride through the tunnel of mysteries. If said tunnel was dimly lit and didn't make much sense.

Gossip Girl: You'll Get Yours in the End

Richard Lawson · 11/09/10 01:33PM

Oh my god this show is still on. Still on! After all those twists and turns and lover's burns, it soldiers on. Despite everything, it believes it is still interesting at heart.

Gossip Girl: The Slowest Sex

Richard Lawson · 11/02/10 12:18PM

Last night's episode of everyone's favorite mystery series was so full of scheming and plotting and double-crossing and other shenanigans that it nearly gave one whiplash. Slow down, Gossip Girl! You move too fast for our feeble minds.