Wicked Birth Mother Kate Gosselin Won't Let Her Children Win at Games

Rich Juzwiak · 06/20/14 09:20AM

Kate Gosselin is the caretaker of eight children of her body's own wondrous making, but more than that, she is the adversary of eight children. This much was clear when she and her two oldest daughters, Mady and Cara, sparred on live television earlier this year, and when she ominously offered "one last redemption" to Mady in the preview to the two-part special Kate Plus 8: The Septuplets Turn 10. That special is the first Gosselin footage to run on TLC in almost three years, since Kate Plus 8 was canceled. It aired last night, and oh my god, this woman hates her children.

Taut Gosselin Update Cements Kate's Status as World's Most Devious Mom

Caity Weaver · 05/29/14 10:50AM

In the wake of an exuberant Today appearance, Kate Gosselin plus eight Gosselins are careening back to television next month, for a two-hour TLC special that answers the question: what would Game of Thrones look like if you preserved the exhausting parade of complex, acrimonious power struggles, but made two-thirds of the participants 10-year-olds? Also, what if it were set against the backdrop of the scenic Keystone state?

Kate Gosselin's TV Show Canceled

Maureen O'Connor · 08/15/11 04:18PM

Our long national nightmare is over. TLC has canceled Kate Gosselin reality show Kate Plus 8, though the network "hopes to check in with Kate and the family periodically with specials in the future." (Hopefully no sooner than when the kids start getting married.) Since ex-husband Jon Gosselin now toils in blue collar obscurity, it seems we may finally rid ourselves of the cautionary tale and exponentially multiplying menace that is the Gosselin clan.