How Did It Take This Long for the Worst-Ever Kitchen Nightmare to Close?

Jay Hathaway · 07/16/15 03:50PM

Amy’s Baking Company was the most nightmarish Kitchen Nightmare of all, a restaurant run by rage-filled lunatics so unwilling to change that even Gordon Ramsay just gave up. Two years after owners Amy and Samy Bouzaglo melted down on national TV, they’ve finally realized that customer service might not be their strong suit. Amy’s Baking Co. will close as a restaurant, and the couple plans to run a wholesale bakery under the same name.

Someone Sabotaged Gordon Ramsay's Restaurant Opening

Gabrielle Bluestone · 11/18/14 01:04AM

Perma-perturbed celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay says his big London restaurant opening was sabotaged this weekend when someone booked up the dining room with fake reservations.

Gordon Ramsay's Porn Dwarf Double Eaten by Badger

Seth Abramovitch · 09/13/11 12:47AM

U.K. tabloid Sunday Sport recently introduced the world to Percy Foster, a 35-year-old dwarf porn star whose career was just beginning to catch fire. It was all because an observant production assistant on the set of Hi-Ho Hi-Ho, It's Up Your Arse We Go had noticed how much Foster looked like celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. But just as Foster was set to join the rarefied ranks of celebrity lookalike dwarf porn stars, tragedy struck: The body of the 3' 6" performer has been discovered in a badger's den, partially eaten.

Gordon Ramsay's NYC Restaurant is Real 'Kitchen Nightmare'

Hamilton Nolan · 04/21/11 08:16AM

"Bloody 'ell!" That ejaculation is likely issuing forth from the lips of celebrity restaurateur Gordon Ramsay—as well as "Come on," and "You donkey!"—as he contemplates the ongoing sexism-related labor dispute that has shut down the fancy NYC restaurant bearing his name since last weekend. "Fuck me!" he is also likely saying. "This is a real Kitchen Nightmare!" he is adding, in all likelihood. "What is this, a real life Hell's Kitchen?" he is wondering aloud, we also believe.

When Did This Turn Into Extreme Makeover: Hell's Kitchen Edition?

Emily Chen · 11/25/10 01:00AM

Almost every season one lucky challenge winner gets a "makeover" consisting of a haircut and new clothes. It's officially overkill now since this is probably third time there's been a wardrobe makeover this season. Makeover montage and reactions inside.

British Top Chef Hilariously Re-Edited with Downgraded Food

Christopher Han · 11/05/10 04:30PM

Someone took the final episode of MasterChef — in which the chefs prepare desserts — and spliced in TV dinners in place of their dishes. The commentary remains the same so you have the judges applauding microwave ramen.

All of the Crazy Chefs Cook in Hell's Kitchen

Emily Chen · 09/30/10 11:45AM

Does Gordon Ramsay attract all the crazies or what? This week, some would-be head chefs stuck their heads in freezers, indulged in serious delusions of grandeur, and had a self proclaimed "ghetto" catfight right before elimination.

Gordon Ramsay Berates the No-Dressing Salad

Christopher Han · 09/09/10 03:11PM

The Masterchef himself describes how even salad-eaters can be too picky about their meal. A Caesar salad with no dressing? Grabbing the salt and pepper? Just stay at home, please! Bleep-filled video with Gordon Ramsay, inside.

Hell's Kitchen Is Like High School All Over Again

Emily Chen · 08/04/10 03:20PM

Trash talking, name calling, alcohol, and parties, oh my! On last night's Hell's Kitchen, it looked like the guys were all bros and the girls were chatty and catty. Next up: cafeteria fight and hallway brawl flashbacks? Video inside.

Category 5 Hurricane Nilka Hits Hell's Kitchen

Emily Chen · 07/07/10 02:36PM

After Nilka Hendricks disappoints Chef Ramsey during service, he kicks her out of the competition, but she comes back in a whirlwind of violence and remorse. Not the most graceful of exits from the kitchen, but a heartfelt reconciliation followed.