Rupert Murdoch's Reporters Illegally Spied on the British Prime Minister

John Cook · 07/11/11 02:20PM

Last week, when News International chief executive Rebekah Brooks faced down News of the World reporters to explain why the paper was being cashiered, she warned darkly that all would become clear when the full extent of the rot at her company became known. Today another shoe dropped: Reporters for News International's Sunday Times and Sun illegally accessed former Prime Minister Gordon Brown's bank account, legal files, and family medical records.

UK Election: What the Hell Happened?

Max Read · 05/07/10 03:05AM

Well, Great Britain ("America 1.0") finally held its election last night, and it looks like they'll wind up with a hung Parliament, which means Thomas Jane will be made Prime Minister. Just kidding! But seriously, who won?

UK Debate Winner: 'We Need to Grip It Very Hard'

Max Read · 04/29/10 10:45PM

What did our cousins in Britain do last night while eating their nightly meal of fish and chips? They watched the final pre-election debate between the leaders of the three major parties, of course! And guess who won?

Now England Has Its Very Own 'Joe the Plumber'

Adrian Chen · 04/28/10 10:47PM

You remember Joe the Plumber, of course. The glare from his bald head illuminated just how dumb our American election process is. Now the English people have their very own Joe the Plumber. Meet 65 year-old Gillian the Pensioner!

Is This Man Britain's Barack Obama?

Nick Rizzo · 04/21/10 05:27PM

Until last Thursday, most Britons had no idea what Nick Clegg, the leader of the UK's third-largest party, even looked like. Now, he's first or second in all national opinion polls. What's going on here?

Your Guide to England's Super-Exciting Election

Max Read · 04/15/10 12:23AM

Huzzah! America's Deadbeat Older Brother, the United Kingdom, is holding an election for Best Wizard! Or Prime Minister, or something. Who are the "Party Leaders" who might lead the UK? Is one of them Ringo? We know who Ringo is.

Cranky Scottish Turtle Named After Gordon Brown

Maureen O'Connor · 02/24/10 04:18AM

"Grumpy Gordon was immediately confined to the 'naughty' tank after his snapping tantrums shocked Sea Life staff... As a more mature snapper turtle, Gordy has quite a jowly chin and grumpy face." [Telegraph]

At G-20 Summit, Wives Hog the Spotlight

cityfile · 04/01/09 09:39AM

So President Obama and all the European leaders are getting together to solve global terrorism, reverse the economic disaster, and "foster world unity." Not that we don't have the utmost faith that a bunch of men in suits can perform those miracles, but it's a relief to see that the international media has its priorities straight and is focusing on the real issues. Namely: How will the various First Ladies compare in the fashion stakes, is Michelle going to bare her famous arms, and how does one behave in front of the Queen of England?

Creative Commons attack posse targets England's Prime Minister

Paul Boutin · 08/20/08 03:20PM

There are only two acceptable copyright stories on the Internet: "Evil Big Guy Sues Saintly Little Guy," and "Evil Big Guy Violates Sacred Creative Commons License." This is one of the latter. Prime Minister Gordon Brown's official website, Number10.gov.uk, uses a WordPress theme called "NetWorker" created by sometime Web designer Anthony Baggett in Mississippi. Baggett licensed the work under a CC license that requires attribution — all he wants is public credit — but it seems the PM's site builders stripped that part out. All of which would be stupefyingly boring, except for this one line from Baggett: