All the Dumb Questions You Asked Google About the GOP Debate, Answered

Ashley Feinberg · 01/29/16 02:38PM

Last night, we got a taste of our very first taste of a debate night duel. On one side, we had our typical, Fox News-facilitated pageantry of foot-stomping candidates vying for our love. On the other side, we got Trump. As for you—well, you had questions.

Has Jeb Bush Worn the Same Sweater Four Days in a Row? [Updated]

Ashley Feinberg · 12/23/15 04:00PM

Jeb Bush has been making the rounds in New Hampshire this week, which is perfectly normal behavior for a man running for president. But the many tweets coming from Jeb’s camp this week have included more than just photos of Jeb’s stilted handshakes—they’ve also raised questions. Specifically: Why has Jeb Bush been wearing the exact same sweater for the past four days?

New Republican Ad Uses Obama Impersonator, Is Just Odd

Kelly Conaboy · 04/05/14 12:50PM

Jack Kingston is an 11-term Republican Congressman running in the primary to become Georgia's next senator, and his most recent ad features a phone call from a rather desperate "President Barack Obama."

Rick Santorum Drops Out of Race

Emma Carmichael · 04/10/12 01:19PM

The Washington Post reports that Rick Santorum has officially suspended his presidential campaign, which essentially concedes the GOP nomination to wealthy talking hairpiece Mitt Romney. Santorum lost to Romney in Wisconsin, Maryland, and D.C. over the past three weeks, and his campaign (as well as Romney's approach to his most formidable opponent) has shifted in recent weeks in the wake of his three-year-old daughter's illness.

Jon Stewart: Fox News Is a Bunch of Cry Babies

Matt Toder · 03/14/12 10:45PM

As discussed on tonight's Daily Show, Fox News decided not to cover the primaries last night but instead chose to focus on their standard whining about the liberal elite and President Obama's poll numbers and NPR. Yet, they somehow managed to scoop CNN on the primary results, even though CNN was reporting the returns before they were official, making CNN the biggest loser of the night.

Stephen Colbert Panics as His 'Countdown to Loving Mitt' Clock Nearly Hits Zero

Matt Toder · 03/08/12 12:44AM

In preparation for last night's Super Tuesday contests, Stephen Colbert had created the 'countdown to loving Mitt' based on the assumption that Romney would be the presumptive nominee after the votes were counted. Since that wasn't the case, on tonight's Colbert Report, Stephen was able to reset the clock but not before panicking in much the same way many Republican voters seem to be panicking.

Stephen Colbert Has A Plan For All the Negative Campaigning

Matt Toder · 02/02/12 12:19AM

The fight between Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich has gone totally negative and Stephen Colbert took a look at some of the nastier barbs that they have traded on tonight's Colbert Report. But beyond just dissecting their insults, Colbert has a plan to keep each of them on their toes: he's a launching a twitter campaign to keep them prepared. So come on, nation, let's all do our part.