Google Streetview Captures Public Handjob in Manchester, England

Adrian Chen · 03/14/13 12:48PM

This has got to be the most explicit and NSFW of all oddities discovered on Google Streetview. A prostitute giving a hand job to a "bloke" (that's British for, "prostitute customer" ) in a back alley in Manchester, which seems like a lovely town, by the way. Google took down the images soon after they were spotted by the Google Sightseeing blog, but the incident was memorialized by a troll who renamed the alley "Hand Job Alley" on Google Maps (also removed.) The wonders of crowd-sourcing.

Pro-Google Vigilante Squad Terrorizes Germans

Ryan Tate · 11/23/10 03:50PM

German reactionaries have a bizarre new icon: Google. Vandals in the Bergerhausen area of western Germany have egged several houses for opting out of Google Street View, leaving behind notes reading, "Google's cool." Get the message, privacy-hoarding squares?

Did Google Street View Find God Above a Swiss Lake?

Max Read · 10/19/10 01:58AM

Who are those blurry, possibly robed figures hovering above a lake in Quarten, Switzerland, visible on Google Street View? Is it something on the camera lens? Or is it maybe... God and His only begotten Son?

Take a Tour of TV Landmarks With Google Street View

John Siegel · 08/31/10 11:22AM

In today's harsh economy, people are cutting back on vacations and sightseeing. Luckily, with the internet, you can see all of your favorite TV sights using Google Street View. Here are some favorites from classic sitcoms to animated shows.

What Movies Are Currently Playing On Google Street View?

John Siegel · 08/11/10 02:49PM

Google Street View is a wonderful tool/time-waster, but its pictures aren't always current. This becomes apparent on its movie theater marquees, like the 20 inside this post. Wanna see a Sci-Fi or comedy flick from years ago? You're in luck!