The Cleverest's dumbest ad pitch

ndouglas · 03/27/06 07:46PM

A Google Adsense TOS violation is usually beneath even Valleywag coverage, but this guy from "The Cleverest" is so brazen, his video just begged for publicity. His message: Click the Google ads. No, really. Now. Now again. Now again. Now—oh, damn, did Google remove 'em?

Remainders: Daily Candy tastes like flipmeat

ndouglas · 02/16/06 02:46AM

Another online media company's for sale. "Daily Candy could fetch more than $100 million, people familiar with the matter say." But Chris Coulter asks, "WHAT? More Pittmanish Accounting. Like who greps faux 'urbane email newsletters' anymore..." [WSJ]
Suggested World of Warcraft nicknames other than "the new golf:" "the new eavesdropping at Buck's," "the new schmoozing at launch parties," or "the new overzealous mountain-biking." [PC Mag, CNet]
"Googlepark: The Spaghetti Code" does up Google, Microsoft, Vint Cerf and Scoble all South Park style. Scares the hell out of me. [Channel9]
Podbridge, another startup, plans to fill podcasts with ads. The CEO says, "As a user, you notice nothing." Except, you know, THE ADVERTISEMENT. Or, hell, maybe the user doesn't notice the ad, which makes for one odd business plan. [SiliconBeat]
Google's "call the advertiser" feature starts a trend more insidious than clickfraud: bored kids crank-calling Adwords buyers. [Om Malik]

Remainders: Polystyrene cups > free lunch

ndouglas · 02/01/06 08:08PM

Three suggested venues for Google AdWords. Whatever that bikini model is selling, I hope that ad's contextualized. [Tecniblog]
Someone's happy about Google's revenue upset: a Yahoo blogger. [Amr Awadallah]
A man applying for a startup job, overheard at Starbucks: "I want to thank you for meeting with me. I know how busy it is for top-shelfers."
Why was Yahoo one of Fortune's "Best 100 companies to work for"? Polystyrene cups. (And health care.) [squeakytoy]
One day Google will become God, the next it's doomed. Take some lithium, people. [Imagining the Google Future]