Ten Good Things That Happened in the Last Ten Years

Richard Lawson · 09/09/11 03:00PM

Most people would agree that the ten years since the September 11th terrorist attacks have been pretty shitty ones. War, disaster, and economic collapse have all seemed to come pouring out of the hole at Ground Zero as if from Pandora's box. But! Light!

Choire · 10/29/07 03:02PM

Actually! You know what's really great? The story in this week's New York mag about the crew who works at Trader Joe's on 14th Street. "Today's crew includes a filmmaker, an actor, two fashion students, two painters, a film-production intern, and a martial artist. They're mostly college graduates—University of Washington, New York University, the University of Maine—here with dreams of making it in the city's bourgeois bohemia, but currently stuck serving it hummus." The whole thing is awesome. [NY]