Good Morning America Takes Kanye-Paul McCartney Jokes Very Seriously

Andy Cush · 01/05/15 05:19PM

On New Year's Day, Kanye West released "Only One," a piano ballad written and performed in collaboration with Paul McCartney. Yeezus pairing up with the most genial Beatle was exciting if a little befuddling, and several people took to Twitter to make the same joke at Sir Paul's expense. Good Morning America didn't get it.

John Mayer Said "Fucking" on GMA, Shaded Girlfriend Katy Perry

Rich Juzwiak · 12/17/13 12:23PM

Awww. Pop's hottest, most convincingly eternal couple, John Mayer and Katy Perry, stopped by Good Morning America to premiere their "Who You Love" video and, in the process, awkwardly suffered through their first-ever shared interview. They discussed their seating configuration woes ("We don't quite know what kind of body language we're supposed to be exhibiting at the moment—you get too close and it's too touchy-feely, you sit too far away they say, 'I don't see chemistry,'" lamented Mayer) and first date (they had dinner, reported Perry, adding fascinatingly, "We share music as a love together, you know, that's like a common interest so..."). And then Mayer talked about his adverse reaction to watching Perry in the studio:

ABC Correspondent's On-Air Mammogram Reveals Cancer

Sarah Hedgecock · 11/11/13 02:02PM

When Good Morning America correspondent Amy Robach agreed to undergo a mammogram on-air last month as part of the show's promotion of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, she did it for the benefit of viewers with little thought to her own health. But as it turns out, the procedure may just have saved her life.

Good Morning America Replaced Mariah Carey's Vocals for the West Coast

Rich Juzwiak · 05/24/13 01:15PM

What a difference a coast can make — Mariah Carey's spotty performance on Good Morning America was scrubbed clean when the show aired on the West Coast. The first clip of the video above shows her struggling with adlibbing when her performance aired live; the second clip is the sanitized way it aired three hours later. They also, of course, removed was her S-bomb. So basically, they took out much of what made her appearance fun.

Mariah Carey Said "Shit" on GMA, and Her Dress Broke

Rich Juzwiak · 05/24/13 09:09AM

Exhaustion works like heavy drugs on Mariah Carey, which is to say hashtag-beautifully, as anyone witness to her Glitter-era breakdown or Home Shopping Network rambling knows. She performed today in Central Park for Good Morning America's concert series, and the gig forced her to wake up early. "I wake up at this hour," she explained. "I don't mean I wake up, I mean I go to sleep. It's kinda the same thing for me." Indeed. Me too in that this morning I sprang out of bed, turned on my TV and felt like I was dreaming.

Which Female Morning Show Host Is Afraid of Her Own Poop?

Caity Weaver · 04/29/13 05:02PM

Over the weekend, Americans were shocked to discover that one of the women they trust to deliver their morning news has, for time unknown, been delivering something else, in secret: poops, to a toilet in a far flung part of her office where she thought no one would catch her.

Good Morning America Host Wonders 'What Is Teabagging?'; Kirsten Dunst Refuses to Tell Her

Caity Weaver · 09/05/12 10:55AM

You know how sometimes you overhear a group of 14-year-old girls talking at an Applebee's and one of them—the pretty, grown-up one, or maybe The Australian—says, "Aidan wanted me to give him a blow job last night," and another one, the one in the sweatshirt with a teddy bear rollerblading on it, asks "Why, was his hair wet?" and all the cool girls laugh and laugh, so she laughs too but you can tell she Just Didn't Get It, so you lean over and say "Hey, loser, me and all your cool friends can tell you Just Didn't Get It"?

Louis Peitzman · 08/14/12 09:09PM

In Good Morning America appearance, Sylvester Stallone says son Sage's death has been "very, very tough."