Charity Promises Easy Sex At Ass-Filled Event

Hamilton Nolan · 04/03/08 03:40PM

The YAI, a charity that helps out people with disabilities, has a big "Brighter Futures Society" charity event coming up in NYC, and they really need to attract the bright-eyed youth that can make a positive impact on the future. So did they appeal to altruism? Political beliefs? Kindness of heart? No, they decided to use a much more realistic message in their promotional ads: Come to our event and get laid. After the jump, one ad for boys, and one for girls, testifying how much ass you can pull by attending this worthy charity function. UPDATE: Apparently YAI didn't appreciate our headline and has pulled the ads off YouTube. BUT we grabbed the female ad before it went down, and it is still below. It's good! Lighten up, YAI!