Bill Fucking Clinton Accuses Bernie Supporters of Sexism

Allie Jones · 02/08/16 12:15PM

Bill Clinton has decided to start attacking his wife’s opponent for the Democratic nomination for president, since that worked so well eight years ago. At a rally in New Hampshire on Sunday, Bill mocked Bernie Sanders’s desire for “revolution” and accused Sanders supporters of sexism.

Lance Armstrong Thinks He Is Voldemort (Both Love Drama)

Allie Jones · 06/11/15 08:25AM

Lance Armstrong, one of the biggest dicks and frauds in the history of men, is shocked that people cannot forget what a dick and a fraud he is—even now, months after he let his girlfriend take the fall for “partying” and hitting cars. This guy! He literally thinks he is “Voldemort,” the villain in the “Harry Potter” novels.

Choire · 11/01/07 01:10PM

Here's HuffPo's Rachel Sklar on making friends down in Boca at the American Magazine Conference: "We're pleased as punch to report that [Portfolio blogger] Jeff [Bercovici] was enthused about the notion of cross-posting from Portfolio to HuffPo, saying that he was always happy to increase his traffic. Well, now, see Jeff? Compensation comes in many forms, and rich indeed are those who blog within our warm, happy embrace. Arianna was happy to give Jeff a mini-scoop which may or may not be showing up on his blog soon (free content for Jeff!)...." [HuffPo]

There Is Mystery Associated With Angelina Jolie!

abalk · 06/21/07 02:40PM

"This picture brings up a lot of things about portraiture", says Director of Photography Amy Steigbigel. "It's a collaboration between photographer and subject. Who decided she was going to be blindfolded, how was this choice made? There is mystery associated with Angelina Jolie. Why is she wearing that blindfold? What is the meaning of that blindfold? It creates conflict right off the bat."