Jane Lynch Graces Good Day New York, Dishes About Glee

Chrystina Orlando · 10/05/10 10:05AM

This morning Jane Lynch sat down on Good Day to talk about hot topics. She spills some Glee tidbits, shares feelings on her Saturday Night Live hosting gig, and opens up about the recent suicide tragedy of student Tyler Clementi.

Aubrey Plaza Gives an Intensely Awkward Interview

Michelle Cacciatore · 08/13/10 10:45AM

On Good Day New York, Aubrey Plaza dropped in to promote her new movie. Maybe it was early, maybe she wanted to make people at FOX uncomfortable, or maybe she was drunk. Either way, enjoy the bizarre interview that ensues.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell and Actress Mia Farrow Testify in War Crimes Trial

Emily A. Farris · 08/09/10 01:15PM

Former Liberian President Charles Taylor is charged with involvement in the blood diamond trade. Farrow's statement that Campbell was "quite excited" about the diamonds Taylor gifted her contradicts Campbell's previous statement that she didn't know what the "dirty-looking stones" were.

Is This Robot The Future Of Weight-Loss?

Erica Hyman · 07/21/10 02:16PM

Meet Autom, a new robot who promises to kick start your quest for a healthier body. She'll cost $500, so it might just be easier and cheaper to get a friend to nag you for free.