Soon You'll Be Able to Rent This Amazing Hovercraft Golf Cart

Taylor Berman · 07/09/13 08:43PM

Last April, professional golfer Bubba Watson announced that he had co-developed the world's first hovercraft golf cart. Because it floats on a layer of air, placing 33 time less pressure on the ground than the average human foot, the hovercraft – named the BW1 — is able to zip across fragile greens, water hazards and sand traps at speeds up to 55 m.p.h., all while seating four people and holding two golf bags.

Tiger Woods Unharmed Following Hot Dog Attack

Seth Abramovitch · 10/09/11 07:50PM

The Frys.Com Open, by far the most prestigious of all electronics-retailer-website-sponsored golf tournaments, was thrown into chaos today when a deranged fan, armed with a hot dog in a bun, sprinted towards Tiger Woods on the seventh green.

What John Boehner and Joe Biden Privately Talk About: Golf

Jim Newell · 09/09/11 01:30PM

Ever wondered what the Vice President and Speaker of the House talk about while waiting for the President to address a joint session of Congress? Of course you haven't. But now you can hear it anyway!

Uh Oh: Thomas Friedman Has a Golf-Themed Column

Jim Newell · 08/24/11 12:57PM

If you, too, specifically seek to read pieces of writing that you know will be depressing if not dangerous, then there's nothing better than a Thomas Friedman column's opening paragraph that runs with either a misleading anecdote or confusing extended metaphor. Today's the latter! Let's take a gander at this sumbitch. It is about golf.

Kids Fined for Operating Lemonade Stand Without Permit

Matt Cherette · 06/17/11 12:27AM

What's worse than a story about how a group of children were fined $500 by Montgomery County for operating a lemonade stand without a permit outside the site of this weekend's US Open? How about the fact that they were going to donate their proceeds to a pediatric cancer-fighting charity? Don't worry, though, because all the middle-aged men charging $50 to park on their lawns are doing just fine. [via WUSA]

How to Get Run Over by a Golf Cart

Lauren Soroken · 01/26/11 11:55AM

It appears that some friends have gotten their golf cart stuck. An attempt to fix the problem results in a massive golf cart fail.