The Next American Gold Rush Is On

Hamilton Nolan · 02/11/11 05:05PM

Pop quiz: what's the correct conclusion to draw about our economy from the following news? The NYT reports that 1850s-era gold mines in California—many of which have not been working mines for 40 years or more—are now being reopened for prospecting. "Gold will soon be big business again in California's Mother Lode, in the same area of the Sierras - and occasionally the same mines - where the old-time prospectors once used pick axes, ore carts and burros to chase their riches."

The race to roll-up video content

Chris Mohney · 03/02/07 01:00PM

We obviously spoke too soon when calling video tech jobs the object of the online video gold rush. Content deals are where it's at. Big fish like Viacom are going to Joost, while singing their own praises in terms of pushing internal video. Joost in turn is pursuing moderate players like JumpTV. Not to be outdone, Google has signed up the BBC for Youtube, even while it pursues a host of littler deals (and we enjoy how the New York Times likens the NBA to a "smaller media company"). So if you have some video content lying around that no one is bothering to pirate anyway, why not cash in with a little Youtube money? It's a seller's market, at least for the next 30 days or so.