Take The Sarah Palin Media Takeover Quiz

Adrian Chen · 03/03/10 09:35PM

Sarah Palin's quest to become the white, thin, Alaskan, conservative, near-sighted Oprah continues: She's shopping around a show with reality TV heavy Mark Burnett. Also, Sarah Palin is starting on her next book. What are these things? Take the quiz!

The Four Bloggers Sarah Palin Bans from Her Events

Maureen O'Connor · 12/23/09 04:22AM

Remember the Alaska kindergarten teacher Palin threatened to serve libel papers in front of his class? He went to a Going Rogue event and discovered he is one of Palin's four worst enemies, banned from events via headshot dossier. UPDATED

Who is the Hero Who Threw Tomatoes at Sarah Palin?

Adrian Chen · 12/07/09 08:49PM

Currently, Jeremy Paul Olson languishes in a Minnesota jail for the crime of throwing tomatoes at Sarah Palin today. Although he missed Palin's face, Jeremy struck a chord strung through the center of our heart: Who are you, brave tomato-thrower?

Palin Becomes a Birther as Revenge Unto Those Who Doubted Trig

Maureen O'Connor · 12/04/09 02:12AM

In a radio interview, Palin endorsed those who question Obama's national origin. Her rationale? "That weird conspiracy freak thing that Trig isn't my real son." Those jerks wanted to see Trig's birth certificate—now she must see Obama's.

Another Day, Another Palin Gaffe

Ravi Somaiya · 12/01/09 06:22AM

Today the Rogue has been caught nabbing a quote from quotefarm.com. What she thought was a pithy statement from UCLA basketball legend John Wooden was actually by a native American activist called John Wooden Legs and about killing soldiers.

What Sarah Palin Does in the Shower

Ravi Somaiya · 11/17/09 06:12AM

Going Rogue is out today! The Washington Post have put together a cursory index that includes Hasselbeck, Elizabeth:"bold and talented," and Lieberman, Joe: a "bright spot" in the campaign. They also reveal who Palin calls when naked and soapy.