Herman Cain Sings About Pizza to the Tune of 'Imagine'

Jim Newell · 10/17/11 11:54AM

You know all of those dumb jokes about how Herman Cain, former Godfather's Pizza CEO, just thinks about pizza all the time? Well here's Herman Cain himself making one of them 20 years ago at the Omaha Press Club. The difference is that his joke — a performance of John Lennon's commie song "Imagine" but with lyrics about pizza — is rather well plotted!

Herman Cain Makes Announcement: 'Shucky Ducky'

Lauri Apple · 05/21/11 02:15PM

The underdog at the top put on his special rapture glasses and announced his campaign bid to 10,000—or was it 15,000?—of his closest friends in Atlanta, spreading the message of "shucky ducky" and showering the crowd with love. He also says he's that he's not running for "second," but fourth.

I Just Skated In From Burbank And Boy, Are My Legs Tired!

Douglas Reinhardt · 07/18/08 05:40PM

Hunky heartthrob Zac Efron continued onward with his work out routine as he skated all the way from Burbank, California to New York City in less than a day. The route Efron took to the Big Apple was mostly downhill, which allowed him to make record-breaking time. Well, Efron admitted that he didn't skate the whole time; he managed to catch a few rides with soccer moms keen on impressing their young children. Efron enjoyed the journey because it allowed him to do a lot of thinking and soul searching. Efron said, "When I was out on the road, I thought that my trainer and I really need to work on my pecs when I get back home. Also, it's really, really flat in the Midwest, but at least they had a Godfathers Pizza."