Uninsured Conservative Activist Solicits Donations to Pay Medical Bills Incurred While Protesting Health Care Reform

Pareene · 08/10/09 12:20PM

As you can see in this confusing and poorly shot amateur video, Gladney was brutally beaten by goons and required immediate medical care (he is the guy who is briefly knocked over 6 seconds into the video and who is then shown up and running around and acting pretty much fine for the remaining 3 minutes). He got a lawyer and went to the hospital. (Maybe even in that order!)

God Damn American Idol

Pareene · 05/07/09 01:20PM

Are you happy with yourselves, America? Satisfied yet? This is what you wanted, right? A bunch of thick, charmless white guys for your Top 3? Well you got it!

Chaos In Barry's Jungle White House

Ryan Tate · 01/29/09 06:02AM

Did you hear about what's going on in there, the Obama White House? It's Lord Of The Flies: Tropical heat, territorial prowling, surprise attacks on subordinates and barbaric business casual.

How Obama Became a Radical

Ryan Tate · 01/09/09 05:09AM

Oh, look, it's a self-described 1980s radical casually explaining how he turned our president-elect into a Black Panther who got, uh, "open minded" at "jazz concerts," hint hint.

'Under God' Rev. Dead at 97

Pareene · 11/29/08 04:20PM

The Pledge of Allegiance was written by, of course, a Socialist. But the good kind! Francis Bellamy was a late-19th century Baptist Utopian Socialist, not a Stalinist or one of those white kids with dreadlocks. Naturally his Pledge was different from the one we know: it doesn't mention God! Luckily Congress fixed that in 1954, adding the words "under God" right in the middle, disrupting the flow of the whole thing. The Commie-hating clergyman responsible for adding God to our pledge just died!