Did Facebook Just Break Half the Internet? (UPDATES)

Taylor Berman · 02/07/13 07:33PM

If you're seeing the above redirect message to Facebook when you try to visit, oh, pretty much any webpage (Gawker included), you're not alone. Starting about 15 minutes ago, an apparent glitch with Facebook Connect triggered the problem. In addition to Gawker Media, there were reports of issues at, ESPN, CNN, Hulu and apparently dozens of other sites. We're working on figuring out the problem but for now, here's how you can fix it: Sign out of Facebook. That should let you continue to read about the Snow Storm to End All Snow Storms and Justin Bieber's mom. We'll update when we know more.

Twitter Regresses To Infancy After Upgrade Attempt

Ryan Tate · 04/05/11 07:21PM

Twitter tried to launch a new home page today, one that would better appeal to mainstream users. Instead, the microblogging service has reverted to the original "Old Twitter" interface it replaced last year—when it's not failing entirely.

Facebook Is Banning 'Fake' Women for Life

Ryan Tate · 11/17/10 02:13PM

Facebook's inadvertent war on women continues. After saying it fixed a glitch locking scores od female user accounts yesterday, Facebook went on to tell more women this morning that they are banned for life as impersonators — of themselves. (Updated)

Facebook Gives Women the Third Degree

Ryan Tate · 11/16/10 05:43PM

A flood of female Facebook users woke up this morning to find their accounts disabled — and the social network demanding government ID to let them back in. Facebook admits there was a problem, but says it's been fixed.

The Gawker Skybox (Update: Had) Issues: An Apology and Explanation

Gabriel Snyder · 11/30/09 10:22AM

Good morning! Welcome back from the long holiday weekend. If you're like us, you're probably wondering why pictures of Michael Showalter and Michael Ian Black are the first things you see at the top of the home page. It's a glitch, we're told, that's running art from two different ad campaigns on the site right now. Update: the whole thing has been taken down until the issue is resolved. Thanks, ad folks.

Twitter's Annoying Text-Message Spam

Ryan Tate · 05/19/09 06:00PM

Twitter has started bombarding users with unwanted text messages. First it happened to us; then we got an email tip; now there are reports on the microblogging platform itself. How costly will this get?