Citi Bike Glitch Exposed More Than 1,000 Users’ Personal Information

Gabrielle Bluestone · 07/23/13 11:15PM

A glitch in Citi Bike's system inadvertently exposed the personal information — including credit card numbers — of more than 1,000 users in mid-April, and the Department of Transportation has no explanation for why customers weren't notified until July 18.

The Gawker Internet Explorer PC Problem

ian spiegelman · 08/02/08 09:27AM

I don't have a PC, or Internet Explorer, but I've gotten your messages about Gawker not working with those things today. I sent a note to tech. Hopefully they'll fix it. In the meantime, why are you using IE? Update: Seriously, get a different browser. Read me.

Google glitches: Stuck on page one

ndouglas · 01/27/06 06:16PM

Google fixed an bug in Google Desktop that kept Internet Explorer users from clicking past the first page of search results. Actually, this problem existed all last year, but no one ever bothered checking past the first ten results. Everyone clicks the first result anyway, don't they?