Even conservatives are tired of Fox hogging the debates

Paul Boutin · 09/26/08 01:40PM

Normally if I saw Arianna Huffington, Craig Newmark and Markos Moulitsas coauthoring a statement, I'd click my Back button and Move On, as they say. But Instapundit editor Glenn Reynolds has joined the mostly leftospheric collection of bloggers who've dubbed themselves the Open Debate Coalition. They want two things, which I've helpfully edited down to 10 words each:1) Fox News, please let us post clips instead of threatening to sue. 2) Adopt a Digg-like voting system to let the audience choose the questions. The first demand seems as easy as the second is sure to be rickrolled. (Photo by The Fun Times Guide)

War coverage

Gawker · 03/23/03 11:12AM

It's possible, if not to avoid the war, at least to avoid the cable news networks, which are stuck in an infinite loop. Basra is always on the point of surrender, the pictures of the same grainy square of desert, and the commentators never know what they're talking about. There is an antidote.
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9-11 reading

Gawker · 09/11/02 11:51AM

I've put aside the New York Times, and spent most of the morning browsing Glenn Reynolds from this time last...