Is Glenn Greenwald Still "Red-Hot"? The Politico Investigates

Tom Scocca · 09/04/14 05:00PM

Politico Magazine is a magazine edition of The Politico—America's worst publication—whose mission is "to pull back from the flood to understand what it's all about." The flood, in that metaphor, is supposed to be the tremendous churning hourly volume of vacuous meta- and meta-meta-political Narrative and Controversy that sustains The Politico and is sustained by The Politico.

What Happened to Glenn Greenwald's Big Scoop?

Adam Weinstein · 07/01/14 02:00PM

Something big is brewing in NSA Revelation Land—a scoop from columnist and reporter Glenn Greenwald that was supposed to be published at midnight last night. But now Glenn Greenwald and fellow Intercept reporter Murtaza Hussein have delayed their story, pending new government information, and the internet is freaking out.

"The Story of Our Lives" at the Sources and Secrets Conference

Hamilton Nolan · 03/21/14 02:15PM

The NSA, America's all seeing eye, doesn't want to know everything about everybody, Barton Gellman said today, his face hovering on a screen at the front of the New York Times' airy auditorium. "It wants to be able to know anything about anybody."

Glenn Greenwald: I Defend Snowden 'Like People on MSNBC Defend Obama'

Cord Jefferson · 12/26/13 07:49PM

Glenn Greenwald, who famously worked with Edward Snowden this year to publicize the NSA's massive surveillance program, today rejected the idea that his role in the Snowden affair has gone from journalist to cheerleader, calling that criticism "ludicrous" and questioning his MSNBC interviewer's own partisanship.

After 30 Years of Silence, the Original NSA Whistleblower Looks Back

Adrian Chen · 11/12/13 01:51PM

The four-story brownstone at 141 East 37th Street in Manhattan has no remarkable features: a plain building on a quiet tree-lined street in the shadow of the Empire State Building. In the summer of 1920, Herbert O. Yardley, a government codebreaker, moved in with a gang of math geniuses and began deciphering intercepted Japanese diplomatic telegrams. This was the Black Chamber, America's first civilian code-breaking agency. From this was born the American surveillance state, and eventually the sprawling National Security Agency, which you may have heard about recently.

Glenn Greenwald Leaving The Guardian To Start His Own Media Outlet

Adrian Chen · 10/15/13 03:48PM

Glenn Greenwald, the columnist who brought the world the Ed Snowden Papers, is leaving the Guardian to start his own website. BuzzFeed reports Greenwald, who spent the summer scoring scoop after scoop about the NSA, is starting "a very well-funded… very substantial new media outlet."

Glenn Greenwald Takes His Turn in the Spotlight

Taylor Berman · 06/26/13 11:16PM

Glenn Greenwald, the Guardian journalist who broke the Edward Snowden story, found himself in the spotlight on Wednesday as two very different articles about him were published. The first, from the New York Daily News, focused on Greenwald's involvment with a porn company in the early 2000s and his substantial tax debt. The other, a more detailed and flattering profile in BuzzFeed, covered Greenwald's life and his unusual career path, touching and expanding on some of the more salacious details from the Daily News story.

Nitasha Tiku · 06/07/13 02:35PM

Glenn Greenwald, who is on some kind of master cleanse of only leaked documents, obtained a "top secret directive" from President Obama ordering "his senior national security and intelligence officials to draw up a list of potential overseas targets for US cyber-attacks."