Glee's School Shooter Has Down Syndrome

Rich Juzwiak · 04/12/13 10:05AM

Last night's especially very special episode of Glee took on the hot-button topic of school shooting. A series of gunshots put everyone in William McKinley High School in lock down. No one was actually shot, so the episode was kind of inert and lacking the sort of catharsis that would come from watching people on Glee die.

What People on Twitter Think Paul Ryan Looks Like

Mallory Ortberg · 10/14/12 10:23AM

There's nothing more American than comparing a vice-presidential candidate's physical appearance to a children's cartoon character. And Paul Ryan's just got one of those faces that makes everyone wonder "who does he remind me of?" Sometimes the similarities are obvious and sometimes they require picturing a former child actor copulating with a small, carnivorous rodent, but they're all right, every last one of them.

118 Questions About Last Night's Episode of Glee

Brian Moylan · 12/07/11 12:55PM

How do you even process the insane mess that was last night's Sectionals episode of Glee? Maybe I should ask a bunch of questions about it to try to unravel the mysteries? Would you guys mind?

Glee: Pray the Gay Away

Brian Moylan · 11/30/11 12:40PM

Alright, guys, I have a confession to make: I broke Glee. Well, maybe not me alone, but I think I done broke it. I told it to stop being an insane mess that makes no sense and now it's just...a boring mess that makes no sense. Man, last night.

Glee: The Monster Mash-Ups

Brian Moylan · 11/16/11 01:46PM

There are three annual things I hate: The start of daylight savings time, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and the Glee mash-up episode. This year I get all three things at once. God, this is always the worst fucking episode.

Glee: The Blue Balls Episode

Brian Moylan · 11/09/11 12:49PM

The internet was abuzz, positively abuzz!, that three characters on Glee were going to lose their virginity last night. Yup, it finally happened, but where was all the sexy? There weren't even any songs about sex!

The Secret Past Life of Glee Star Heather Morris

Brian Moylan · 11/03/11 10:15AM

Heather Morris, who plays the lovable idiot Brittany on Glee, is one of the show's breakout stars. But just what sort of indignities did she have to endure to pay the rent before she was famous? Looks like posing for cheesy stock photos was one of them.

Glee: Luck of the Irish

Brian Moylan · 11/02/11 12:10PM

Last night Oxygen's not-half-bad reality show The Glee Project finally invaded its big sister in a huge way: it introduced its first regular character. Meet Rory Flanagan, who Brittany thinks is a leprechaun.

Anne Hathaway to Die in Paris

Richard Lawson · 10/18/11 04:30PM

Not really, she's just going to be in a movie where that happens. Also today: Judy Greer gets another chance, so does Chord Overstreet, and Selena Gomez is a hot mess.

Which Tween Star Got a Boob Job?

Brian Moylan · 10/18/11 10:15AM

This former child star's father thought it was time that her body got more, um, womanly. This actor doesn't like to be called by his character's name, this Glee star likes to set up castmates, and this director and actress have been having an affair for 20 years, ever since they were young—and without fake boobs.

Glee: Still in the Spotlight

Brian Moylan · 10/05/11 12:14PM

On its march of contrition for last season, Glee still stumbles toward the light, slowing things down and getting serious and dramatic once again. But every now and again it stumbles, just like last night.

The Ominous Return of Dane Cook

Richard Lawson · 09/28/11 04:22PM

America's number one shirtless comedian is headed to the small screen. Also today: Good news for a Lost actress, good news for a lost actor, bad news for CAA, and challenging news for Mel Gibson.

Glee: Horny and Thorny

Brian Moylan · 09/28/11 10:41AM

The good news is that last night Glee continued its trajectory of correcting the many ills of its second season. Yay! However, my pronouncement last week that the show was good again might have been premature. Better, yes, but it's still having some growing pains.

Let's Make Brian Geraghty a Star

Richard Lawson · 09/26/11 04:45PM

It's time to make this mostly unheralded actor a bigger name, and now he has his chance. Also today: We've found your favorite movie, Matthew Morrison gets serious, and some curious Lake Bell news.