Now We Also Hate Miranda July

Emily Gould · 06/27/07 11:30AM

A bunch of people are perpetually and loudly super-annoyed by indie director-author Miranda July, who is inevitably described as "elfin" or "pixieish" or "ethereal" in profiles, but we've only ever been able to get mildly peeved at her. Mostly because the ))<>(( scene in Me You and Everyone We Know made us actually squirt Coke out our nose (no, not into someone else's nose forever). But on page 32 of this month's Jane, she squandered that goodwill by recommending a book by someone that you've never heard of but who we absolutely despise. The reason you've never heard of him is that we have been doing our utmost to protect you from his spammy, retarded, deceptive, always on the verge of interesting but never actually interesting Internet stunts. But we've long been planning an all Tao Lin edition of Glaring Omissions and, well, today's the day.