Adam Moss Has Chocolate* on His Face, and Other Minor Occurrences at the National Magazine Awards (Update)

Hamilton Nolan · 05/04/12 10:55AM

At the National Magazine Awards ceremony in Manhattan's Marriott Marquis hotel ballroom, famed New York Magazine editor Adam Moss took the stage with chocolate on his face, almost certainly from the Chocolate Pot du Créme dessert course served only minutes before. It had gotten into the stubble under his lower lip in a smear that covered a goodly part of his chin, giving him the appearance of a man casually accepting an award for Best Magazine Section just after being punched repeatedly in the mouth. The three sizable television screens placed at the back of the stage enlarged Moss's chocolatey visage so that it could be clearly seen from the back of the room. Though his cacao calamity was the subject of many whispers amongst the assemblage, its existence did not appear to register in the consciousness of Adam Moss whatsoever. He left the stage without incident.

New AP Stylebook: Now With More Corn Smut

Hamilton Nolan · 05/16/11 02:10PM

In your overcast Monday media column: a new yuppified AP Stylebook, NewsBeast's ad troubles, HuffPo keeps on poaching, Carol Smith to Hearst, and Glamour's iPad revolution.

ALM Should Be Ashamed of Its Bathrooms

Hamilton Nolan · 10/20/09 12:12PM

In your dangerous Tuesday media column: A media employee cries for help from the office bathroom, more details on yesterday's Glamour layoffs, a dangerous liberal media pumpkin, and a newspaper gets cheaper, on purpose.

A Day of Reckoning at Conde Nast

Hamilton Nolan · 10/19/09 03:13PM

We hear Wired had its own round of editorial layoffs today. What's going on at Conde Nast? A very bad Monday. In a very bad month. Let's review:

Glamour's Dating Blogger Seeks Pimp

Ryan Tate · 07/06/08 10:02PM

The ranks of Glamour dating bloggers are nothing if not distinguished. There was tardblogger Alyssa Shelasky, whose dim-witted adventures in wannabe social climbing were amply documented here. Then there was dudeblogger Mike Cherico, fired for being a womanizing jerk who sparked an insurrection in the comments. Now there's Erin Meanley, pictured, who just debuted with a post about being 29 and not having a husband, already. Sigh. An even more ominous sign: In an email to friends, reproduced after the jump, Meanley explains that, now that she's a dating blogger, "I need some help with pimpage. Set me up!" Well, at least she's being honest, somewhere, about the transactional aspect of her "dating." We've redacted Meanley's email address, but no doubt she'll be combing the comments here for top-shelf prospective mates, so feel free to make like a pimp there.

Glamour Quest For Minorities To Cook Chicken, Meatloaf

Ryan Tate · 04/16/08 08:56PM

Hey, non-white women: Glamour is not racist, despite what you may have read! Why, just this week the magazine hosted a cookoff for "ethnically diverse" couples. One is happening tonight! Half the contestants will make roast chicken, half will make meatloaf. And probably none will be fatties, since everyone was asked to submit in advance "j-peg photos of each of you (300 dpi)- 5 x7." Glamour's panicked email seeking contestants, reprinted after the jump, made its way to at least one minority journalism association, so hopefully the magazine was able to contact some of those elusive non-whites "outside of the [sic] NY and NJ."

Ex-Glamour Dudeblogger Thinks He'll Write a Book

Sheila · 03/31/08 02:10PM

Practically all of our usual "objects of derision" are in the NYT this week! First, there was the Julia Allison-as-Carrie Bradshaw debacle, with her beta female Mary Rambin pictured, and former Glamour dating blogger (although we once called her a specialblogger) Alyssa Shelasky offering quotes... And now, Mike "Edgy English Teacher" Cherico, the fired Glamour dudeblogger who freaked out women across L.A. county, is featured 'cause he's looking for an agent! For a book! A very, very special book about "the rise and fall of a dating blogger." They quote Alyssa again. (Second verse, same as the first!) "I would say I wrote a blogging column for Glamour, and actresses and models would give me their number," Cherico told the Times. Really? That works? [NYT]