How Facebook Could Save Ticketmaster from Scalpers

Remy Stern · 03/30/11 09:15PM

Live Nation Entertainment, the live music behemoth forged in the mega-merger between ticket seller Ticketmaster, artist manager Front Line Management Group, and promoter and venue owner Live Nation, finds itself at a crossroads. [Gizmodo]

Why Traffic Exists

Remy Stern · 03/24/11 08:40PM

Americans talk about traffic like the English talk about the weather. It's a constant upset, a never-ending obsession. So why is there so much damn traffic? Here's the answer. [Gizmodo]

Is it Possible to Build a Disaster-Proof Nuclear Power Plant?

Remy Stern · 03/16/11 12:31PM

Nobody wants a radioactive plume dispersing killer particles across the globe. It happened once (Chernobyl) and people are freaked it's gonna happen again in Japan. Since the Soviet bungle, reactors have gotten safer—but are they safe enough? [Gizmodo]

New FAA Rule Turns Airplane Bathrooms Into Deadly Traps

Remy Stern · 03/10/11 01:29PM

Air Worthiness Directive 2011-04-09. That's the name of the new FAA rule that may kill you one day. It dictates that all emergency oxygen masks should be removed from lavatories in every commercial plane in the United States. [Gizmodo]

The New iPad

Remy Stern · 03/02/11 01:20PM

Are you sad because you can't see the pomp and fanfare of Apple's newest tablet in person? Don't be—you can watch it live with Gizmodo! Check out our real-time coverage of the Apple iPad2. [Gizmodo]

Here Are Some Warm Places to Move To

Brian Moylan · 02/03/11 02:11PM

In the northern parts of this country, it's already been a long, wild winter. That makes it the time of year when those of us in freezing cities fantasize about which tropical locations we'd move to. Let's contemplate the options.

Is this Propeller Backpack the Best New Form of Snow Transport?

Marie Bardi · 02/01/11 11:24AM

This Russian inventor can reach speeds up to 25 mph with this new contraption made from lawnmower and paraglider parts. Considering the record amount of snow we've seen this season, maybe this guy's brilliant idea will catch on!

Watch Mark Zuckerberg's Awkward SNL Cameo

Matt Cherette · 01/29/11 11:54PM

During host Jesse Eisenberg's monologue on tonight's Saturday Night Live, the Social Network star was surprised on stage by Andy Samberg-as-Mark Zuckerberg. But that wasn't all—shortly thereafter, the *real* Mark Zuckerberg showed up... and it was incredibly awkward!

America's Newest Scourge: Bath Salts

Brian Moylan · 01/24/11 04:40PM

Several states may ban bath salts that contain the chemicals mephedrone and methylenedioxypyrovalerone because people are now snorting, injecting, and smoking them to get high. Doing that doesn't relax you, but will turn you into a violent psychopath. Go figure!

Is Facebook Turning Into a Scammer's Paradise?

Adrian Chen · 01/21/11 04:19PM

Facebook is being overrun by scam surveys, fake applications and bum links, according a new report by an Internet security firm. And it's getting worse by the day as scammers figure out clever new ways to trick unsuspecting users.

Social Networking's Scammy Sugar Daddy

Ryan Tate · 01/18/11 07:56PM

It turns out the third-largest advertiser across MySpace and Facebook was a scam to switch people's search engines to Bing and then collect affiliate fees from Microsoft. It's yet another example of how social networks are rife with shady operators.

It's Time for Apple to End the Code of Silence

Ryan Tate · 01/17/11 08:05PM

Steve Jobs is taking time off to recuperate again. No one knows when the CEO, and indispensable soul of Apple, is coming back. But three medical leaves make it clear Apple should finally give investors real information about Jobs' health.