I Need a Dollar: Should You Give to New York's Homeless?

Paul Cantor · 07/28/14 11:30AM

I met Roger Blondell around 2 p.m. on a Thursday afternoon in early July. A tall chubby black man, Blondell was dressed in worn-in jeans and a shirt that looked like he'd had it on for a few days. Still, he didn't seem quite homeless. We were standing on the corner of 24th Street, at 7th Avenue, across from Whole Foods. "Can you spare some change?" he asked.

Santa Claus Is a Gay Couple Living in Chelsea

Max Read · 12/24/10 11:17AM

Click to viewHundreds of kids in New York City think that Santa Claus lives on West 22nd Street. He does not (he lives in the North Pole, duh)—these two guys do. But after receiving 450 letters, they're helping out anyway.