PR Pitch Of The Day

Hamilton Nolan · 05/09/08 04:44PM

Rudy Giuliani stopped to piss at Nespresso Boutique Bar in Manhattan today. According to a flack, who found this information worthwhile enough to blast out to the world via email, "he promised to return and sample Nespresso's coffee drinks another day." Nespresso: good enough for a fascist to piss in, though their coffee sucks.

Liberal Edelman Expands Warmonger Flack Team

Hamilton Nolan · 03/26/08 09:55AM

Edelman, the massive Wal-Mart-touting PR firm with the blog-watching CEO, has hired Katie Levinson, who is fresh off her gig as the communications director for the wildly successful Rudy Giuliani presidential campaign. She's also worked in PR roles for the Republican National Committee, the Bush-Cheney '04 campaign, and the Bush White House [PRNewser]. Levinson will doubtless be a valuable addition to Edelman's stable of well-connected Republican operatives who have built careers serving the public through the promotion of neoconservatism. And CEO Richard Edelman (pictured) should be commended on his evenhandedness, since he's a committed Democrat!

Voting Advice For the Cosmo Girl

Sheila · 01/11/08 11:46AM

If you need help in deciding to vote for, CosmoGirl offers a handy quiz—so you can pick a candidate in the same way you can decide "Which celeb pooch are you?" and "Are you addicted to gossip?" (Yes!) Sample candidate-choosing question: "What is most important to you: getting national health care, ending the war in Iraq, cutting federal taxes, or defending the U.S. against terrorism?" Remember, you can only pick one! I picked the most annoying answers I could find, and wound up with Rudy Giuliani: "He was named Time Magazine's Person of the Year in 2001... This socially liberal Republican is your presidential match!" Or you could go the old-fashioned route and just go with whoever your Dad is voting for. [CosmoGirl]

Weekend Giuliani Update: These are Warning Signs, People

Liutrain · 03/24/07 04:23PM

We know now that incest-taboo-defying bigamist terrorism opportunist Rudy Giuliani likes the ladies to be as maritally ambiguous as he is. Likewise, political and historical specificities aside, we have long known that non-traditional authoritarian family lives always portend the end of civil society as such. After the jump, the Post and Daily News update us on how our freedom will die.