Gisele Says Tom Brady Played Best Game Of His Life, Is Wrong

Noah Garfinkel · 02/06/12 09:58PM

It's okay to not know a lot about football. There are many, many people who know close to nothing about football. For example, people who call it "American football." They've got no idea what's going on. But, even if you were taking a wild guess, you would probably assume that a guy who has previously won multiple Super Bowls did not just play the best game of his life if he just moments ago lost a Super Bowl. Nonetheless, Gisele attempted to comfort Tom Brady after last night.

Tyra Banks Enjoys Being Naked, In the Right Light

Andrew Belonsky · 09/23/09 05:00AM

Tyra lets it hang out. Paparazzi want to hang Tom and Gisele out for an alleged shooting. And Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze, Jr are hanging out with a new baby. Welcome to your Wednesday morning gossip roundup!

Famous Photographers Woo Stars Into Lewdness

Hamilton Nolan · 07/15/08 01:12PM

A-list stars are extremely selective about how they're portrayed in pictures. They routinely have specific language in their contracts for movies and photo shoots dictating just how much flesh can be shown, and in what way. But magazines have figured out a way around this: get one of the world's most prominent photographers to do the shoot, and hey, the stars let it all hang out! New York got Lindsay Lohan to strip for Bert Stern, the photographer who once shot Marilyn Monroe in the same poses. And Vanity Fair used Annie Leibovitz's cachet to goad the young Miley Cyrus into a creepy come-hither pose. And now, sadly, supermodel and man-curse Gisele Bundchen has fallen victim to the same trend. Oh no!

Nude Supermodel Photos Sell For Lots Of Money

Hamilton Nolan · 04/11/08 09:20AM

The nude photo of French first lady Carla Bruni in her supermodel days sold at Christie's yesterday for $91,000, which was a bit better than its estimated price of $4,000. Some connoisseurs said the photo, by a lesser-known artist, wasn't that great, but maybe they missed the naked supermodel in it. Janet Jackson's iconic Rolling Stone cover shot brought only $10,000, but her boobs were covered up in that one, so it's understandable. The nude Gisele Bundchen picture brought $193,000 (estimate: $40,000). But the highest earner of the night was Helmut Newton's "Naked and Dressed" diptych, which sold for $241,000. We bring it to you for free, after the jump—NSFW, in an artsy way.

Buy That Famous Janet Jackson Cover (And Some Nudes)!

Hamilton Nolan · 04/09/08 05:14PM

The newsmaking Christie's auction featuring the nude photo of French first lady Carla Bruni is coming up tomorrow. But she's not the only draw! The extensive photo collection has lots of other iconic pop culture shots, including the original photo of that famous Janet Jackson Rolling Stone cover (pictured). It also includes artistic nudes of stars like Kate Moss, Lauren Hutton, and Naomi Campbell, spanning four decades. You can see the whole collection here [via UD]. After the jump, one sample: a 1999 Irving Penn portrait of supermodel and Tom Brady girlfriend Gisele Bundchen [NSFW], which can be yours for as little as $30,000:

Curse Of The Babe

Hamilton Nolan · 02/04/08 01:21PM

Does having a famous hot chick for a girlfriend make you totally suck at sports? This "Curse of the Babe" theory is being tossed around today by sports columnists, angry fans, and people who care about football only in the sense that it involves celebrities (that would be most Gawker readers). Tom Brady dates slobberlicious super model Gisele Bundchen. And the Post even reported they were sexing it up with sexy sex the week before the game! Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo went on a vacation with Jessica Simpson before his playoff game; he lost, of course. Are celebrity girls really cursed? Or is there a deeper psychological mechanism at work? We know the answer, which we will tell you now.

Isn't It Ironic?

jps · 04/15/06 06:38PM

The chick's kinda hot, but who's the fat kid?

The Gisele Issue

Gawker · 02/13/03 11:03AM

SALTYT complains that Gisele is all over the March issue of W. She's the main model in the Dior advertising — and the editorial fashion spreads which sprinkle the advertising. Coincidence? Ethical infraction, says SALTYT. Whatever. Here's a gratuitous picture.
Gisele plays a bit [Supermodels are lonelier than you think]

Gisele sues "I fucked Gisele" T-shirt maker

Gawker · 01/16/03 04:20PM

Speaking of Ken, Chic Happens also mentions an Il Nuovo report that Gisele was suing over Just Another Rich Kid's "I fucked Gisele" T-shirts. Gisele's reps deny it and Ken says he's "extremely disappointed that Gisele has never heard of us."
Chic Happens [Hint Mag]