Brendan O'Connor · 02/23/16 06:46PM

According to the Guardian, Catholics in St Louis, Missouri, find themselves confronted with an ethical dilemma over whether they are permitted to buy cookies from the troublingly feminist Girl Scouts. “Each person must act in accord with their conscience,” the archdiocese advises.

Girl Scouts Attempt Vigilante Justice Against Cookie Money Thieves

Louis Peitzman · 03/04/12 01:42PM

Get ready for the most adorable true crime story you'll hear all day. In Texas, a troop of Girl Scouts selling cookies outside a Wal-Mart were robbed by thieves who took the girls' cash box. (But weirdly enough, no cookies.) It's actually kind of a sad story — they never got the money back. But the no-nonsense way the victims went after the robbers is pretty cute.

Stephen Colbert Profiles the GOP's Rising Stars

Matt Toder · 02/29/12 12:06AM

On tonight's Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert took a moment (in his one thousandth show) to profile two young Republicans who are about to burst onto the national scene as they have already proven themselves perfect ideologues in Colbert's view. Indiana's Bob Morris is opposed to the homosexual cabal that is the Girl Scouts and New Hampshire's Kyle Jones who opposed mandatory a mandatory lunch break. The future of the GOP is bright indeed.

Sex-Ed Program For Scouts Gets the Three-Finger Salute

Seth Abramovitch · 04/07/11 03:14AM

The fine folks at BBC News have since had a change of heart, but when this story on a sex-ed program for Boy and Girl Scouts first ran, it was accompanied by the regrettably chosen photo you see in the screengrab. Unless I'm getting this totally wrong, and knotting techniques have officially been replaced by obscene hand gestures as their badge-earning skill of choice. "What did you get this one for?" "The Shocker!" [BBC via The Daily What]

God, What I Would Give For A Hit Of Tagalongs

Rebecca · 03/18/08 12:46PM

Buying Girl Scout cookies is a little like buying drugs: there's no real regulation, the prices are wildly inflated and it's all about having connections. If Tagalongs were sold at bodegas, the whole culture surrounding them would be different. Instead, buying Girl Scout cookies, which are no worse than regular cookies (and in fact are a treat that some people enjoy, in moderation, more than regular cookies) has its own stigma: the stigma of hanging out with 11 year-old girls. So now some decent citizens, who just want to provide ordinary people easy access to Thin Mints, have started selling them eBay, which some people are taking issue with. Look, "girls" can't corner this market forever. Legalize.