'Cashmere Mafia' Too Insidery

Pareene · 01/10/08 03:05PM

Cashmere Mafia is a television show about ladies (a blonde, a brunette, a redhead, and an Asian) who have sex and hang out and talk about having sex. They live in New York and have important jobs in the media industry. Last night was its second, much-anticipated episode. And apparently, one of the characters did something embarrassing and ended up on a popular media gossip website!

Katherine Heigl Admits That If It Were Up To Her, She Would Probably Have Aborted Seth Rogen's Love Child

seth · 12/03/07 07:13PM

If you're one of those Knocked Up audience members whose bullshit-sensing adrenal glands went haywire watching Judd Apatow's blockbuster paean to chubby, jobless, weed-huffing types and the attractive, upwardly mobile women who drop everything to carry their accidentally conceived children to term, then you are not alone, as even the actress called upon to bring such an improbable scenario to life has expressed her own misgivings about taking the role in the current issue of Vanity Fair: