Girl Can't Shut Her Eye After Wisdom Tooth Surgery

Matt Cherette · 03/03/11 05:02PM

While we feel for the girl in this video (she'd just had her wisdom teeth removed), we can't help but laugh at her reaction to the procedure. One eye inexplicably open? Check! Incoherent babel? Check! Poor—albeit funny—thing.

This Girl Dribbles Basketballs Better Than You

Christopher Han · 11/18/10 10:42AM

Not only does this girl dribble basketballs better than you, she does it while balancing on an indo board. Then she spins three basketballs at once. No word yet on her jump shot.

Watch a Dog Make a Little Girl Fly (and Fall)

Matt Cherette · 10/22/10 01:49PM

So, videos of children being hurt aren't funny (except that they are, sometimes), but I bet you'll have a hard time not laughing at this. Watch a little girl yell, "Go!" to her dog, which he does. Then, she flies/falls.

This Little Girl Loves Her Life

nightintern · 07/12/10 03:38PM

I wish I could wake up in the morning with the same gusto for all the little parts of my life as this sweet girl seems to have. Watch as she sings an impromptu song about everything that is great!

Megan Fox Will Steal Your Girlfriend

Andrew Belonsky · 08/28/09 05:15AM

Megan Fox says she's more comfortable kissing ladies on screen, Rihanna brings Taylor Swift flowers and Hilary Duff's not playing nice. It's your Friday morning Gossip Roundup!

Anna Wintour to Oprah: 'Lose Some Weight, Fatass!'

The Cajun Boy · 05/20/09 06:15AM

Anna Wintour told Oprah that she needed to drop at least twenty pounds to be featured on the cover of Vogue and Chase Crawford is set to star in the remake of Footloose.

CBS News Thinks Dan Rather Has Paranoid Delusions of Grandeur

Joshua Stein · 11/16/07 09:30AM

Just like in last night's episode of The Office, Dan Rather and his ex-employer CBS have become bitter estranged lovers. In the latest installment of the former CBS Evening News anchor's battle with the network, CBS responded to the lawsuit Rather had filed on September 19th by asking a Manhattan judge to dismiss the case. Rather claims that "the network violated his contract by giving him too little to do after it forced him off the evening news in 2005." The network claims that "this lawsuit is a regrettable attempt by plaintiff Dan Rather to remain in the public eye, and to settle old scores and perceived slights, based on an array of far-fetched allegations." It's like the media version of the "You don't pay attention to me anymore/Girl, you crazy!" argument but with $70 million dollars at stake. Oh yeah, and a courtly old man's dignity, too!