Internet Declares Olympic Viewers Furiously Masturbating to the Dutch Field Hockey Team

A.J. Daulerio · 07/30/12 04:15PM

According to Yahoo!, the squad, comprised of females in very good shape who wear orange short skirts, has developed a "small, but devoted following" from Olympic viewers regardless of what time their event airs on NBC. Tomorrow, the team will play against Japan at 9:30, if you'd like to set your DVR or hide in your office's bathroom stall to watch it live streamed. I'm quite sure this individual has planned accordingly.

Romney in London: Never Mind The Olympics, Here's the Embarrassment

Mobutu Sese Seko · 07/27/12 09:15AM

Americans have gone to England and been pancaked by London black cabs because they looked the wrong way before crossing the street. Americans have unluckily picked seven-day stretches of rain for their week's vacation in the sceptered isle. But Mitt Romney might be having the worst English vacation since Harald Hardråde's, and his is only two days old.