All the Best Shit to Buy at the RNC

Ashley Feinberg · 07/21/16 04:30PM

CLEVELAND — The free market is alive and well here at the Republican National Convention. Because in addition to the official, RNC-sanctioned merchandise for sale within the arena, private vendors are making a killing selling Trump-themed refuse to freedom-loving, Hillary-hating passersby everywhere.

A List of Things to Send Obama for His Birthday

Jason Parham · 08/04/15 02:33PM

Barack Hussein Obama II is 54 years young today. You are probably wondering (aloud to a stranger on the street at this very moment): What should I send Obama for his birthday? I’m glad you asked.

Do You Think My Stepdad Would Like a Cat Bed For Father's Day?

Dayna Evans · 06/16/15 11:50AM

In searching for a Father’s Day present for my stepdad, I hit up all the best sites:, google: “father’s day”,, and finally Etsy. While my returns on the first three were lackluster—what’s he going to do with another grill spatula with a light wood handle?—I was surprised to learn that Etsy really came through for a gal in need.

Gawker Gift Guide: Lifehacker Edition

Hamilton Nolan · 12/12/13 03:26PM

To make sure everyone buys everyone the best gifts ever, this year Gawker has divided the universe of potential gift recipients into readers of our Gawker Media brother and sister sites.

Brooklyn Has a Weed Fairy

Camille Dodero · 10/18/13 01:29PM

New York is filled with scamps and scoundrels, perverts and pranksters, so when Brooklyn-via-Denver musician Travis Egedy, also known as Pictureplane, discovered a poster taped to a subway wall with a pinch of weed attached, he had to wonder: Could this gift be for real? And more importantly, should he smoke it?

Sarkozy Gave Obama a $450 Bathrobe Among $40,000 Worth of Extravagances

Maggie Lange · 04/26/13 09:37AM

Making couple friends seems like a social headache. There are many chances for things to backfire. Each person has to like, or at least tolerate, three other people. It's much more complicated than a forming one-on-one friendship, for sure. But, the payoff seems like a fun assurance of double-dates for always, so it's easy to understand the effort on the part of Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni to woo over their desired couple friends, the Obamas.

Many Christmases Ruined Because Gift Card Money Doesn't Cover Drugs

Camille Dodero · 12/26/12 06:45PM

Your family doesn't get you at all. This Christmas, they got you $50 gift card to Forever 21, a $25 certificate to Starbucks, and a $30 card to Blinds to Go, when at heart, you're a caffeine-allergic nudist who lives in a windowless hut. Why couldn't they have just given you cash?

Legos Are So Fucking Popular

Hamilton Nolan · 12/19/12 10:07AM

Are you aware that the toy industry is in a slump right now? Indeed, there is "softness" in the toy market across the entire world. Some parent you are. Rest easy, though. Motherfuckers are still buying so many fucking Legos.