Inside The News Corp. Holiday Gift Bags

Maggie · 12/18/07 11:50AM

News Corp. employees picked up their holiday gift bags today—what did they get? "A Simpsons page-a-day calendar, some Jeff Foxworthy book, and The Simpsons Movie DVD," one of the lucky recipients tells us. Anything else? "We also got an Emergency Procedure Guide." Oh! Well that will definitely come in handy should there be a second freak chemical accident at the News Corp. headquarters this week! "In the event of 1211 exploding, we have to take a bus to Seacaucus, NJ," says a staffer. Um, through the tunnel? No thanks!

Emmy Nominees' Swagwhore Pets Not Likely To Be Disappointed With This Year's Bounty

seth · 09/11/07 02:23PM

In these somber times, conventional wisdom states that the fashion for extravagant awards show gift bags has passed. Still, the impulse to pamper nominees lingers, living on in a circuit of illicit backroom gifting suites, where stars can indulge their most environmentally unfriendly swag urges to stack up on as many Louis Vuitton sable iPhone covers as their hands can carry. Even the stars's pets—spoiled in the past with everything from personal training sessions to therapy—are still trading in on the notoriety of their celebrated, poop-scooping owners: