Time-Lapse GIF Proves The Gays Are Taking Over America

Adam Weinstein · 03/05/14 02:25PM

Remember 2004, when Karl Rove got a dingleberry re-elected president in part by mobilizing conservatives to vote down gay marriage in a bunch of states? Well, it's only taken a decade, but gay marriage is winning. And the pace is picking up.

Mmm, What a Nice Warm Fire

Hamilton Nolan · 01/03/14 11:51AM

The thermometer says it's 15 degrees outside right now. Wind chill of -2. Even inside, I can hardly feel my toes. But you know what I can feel? This nice, warm, crackling fire. Feel that? Mmm. Yes. Hot. I could close my eyes and die of frostbite in its warmth, right now.

This Gif of Beyoncé Being Briefly Kidnapped Is Life's Best Gif

Caity Weaver · 09/16/13 10:30AM

Beyoncé's Public Tour of Incomparable Greatness and Alarming Indignities continued on Sunday night, as the singer was briefly yanked into the crowd by an overenthusiastic (or perhaps exactly the right amount of enthusiastic) fan during a stop in Sao Paulo.

Here Is The Gif to End All Gifs

Adrian Chen · 05/21/13 02:16PM

I'm not a fan of the proliferation of reaction gifs on the internet. Gifs are crutches for people who can't express themselves with words. Also, Gifs frequently cause long, boring debates over the correct pronunciation of "Gif."

Seven GIFs and a Video Showing How Taylor Swift and Jay-Z Won the Grammys

Max Read · 02/11/13 12:43AM

There are only two true approaches to being in the audience at a major televised awards show, forever in conflict: full, 100-percent commitment to having the time of your life, and full, 100-percent commitment to not giving a shit. On Sunday night at the Grammys, Taylor Swift took the first path, and Jay-Z took the second, and those of us watching at home were far better for it.