cityfile · 11/30/09 04:03PM

• Another ex-Post staffer has filed a salacious lawsuit against the paper. [HP]
• Yet another magazine is no more. Giant gave up the ghost today. [Gawker]
Rupert Murdoch's son, Lachlan Murdoch, is teaming up with media investor Jimmy Finkelstein to bid on a handful of media trade titles owned by Nielsen, including The Hollywood Reporter, Billboard, and AdWeek. [NYT]
• The guy who runs says that if Maxim's owners don't sell him the mag, it will go bust by March. Maxim isn't impressed. [P6, AdAge]
• One sector of the magazine biz that's doing well: Airline publishing! [WSJ]
• Did BusinessWeek just replace Maria Bartiromo with Charlie Rose? [BI]
• The good news for Jay Leno: His ratings seem to have stabilized in recent weeks. The bad: More people are watching shows they recorded on their DVRs rather than tune into NBC's misguided 10pm experiment. [THR, NYP]
New Moon topped the box office once again this weekend, as expected. [THR]

More Crappy Mag Job News: This Time at 'Giant'

Jesse · 04/10/06 10:48AM

Cargo canned at Conde, three books axed at AMI, 200 more layoffs at Time Inc. — that couldn't be any more magland bad news over the last week or two, could there? Oh yes; yes there could. Turns out there was a mini-massacre last week — on top of long, slow bloodletting — at Giant, the indie "entertainment magazine for men." A spy who knows of what he speaks reports: