Specter Detector: Looking for Ghosts in New York's Most Haunted Building

Kelly Conaboy · 07/09/15 01:55PM

A figure caught my eye as I passed through one of the supposedly haunted rooms of the supposedly very haunted Merchant’s House Museum in NoHo last week. I gasped, a reflex that was embarrassing even though I was ostensibly alone. “Ah!,” I thought—“Was that a ghost?”

My Soul Belongs to a Woman Who Burned to Death and I'm Five

Aleksander Chan · 02/19/15 03:00PM

And now, a spooky story for you: Little Luke Ruehlman of Cincinnati, Ohio, claims to be the vessel for the reincarnated spirit of a woman named Pamela Robinson, who died in a Chicago fire in 1993—at least, that’s what his mother Erika said he told her.

Kevin Spacey's Body Inhabited by Spooky Ghosts of Still-Living Celebs

Dayna Evans · 11/01/14 01:25PM

On yesterday's episode of Jimmy Fallon's variety grabbag talkgab television whirlwind, Kevin Spacey came on to play a round of Wheel of Impressions with the former SNL walking laugh track. In his mastery of a number of celebrity impressions, it seemed like Spacey wasn't just playing a game—he became those guys. Listen to how good he does it.

Local Police Confirm This House Is Haunted By Demons

Ken Layne · 01/27/14 05:05PM

A police captain in Gary, Indiana, says he believes a family's claims of supernatural terror in a rental house they've since fled. Levitating children, swarms of flies in wintertime, mysterious footprints, invisible friends, another child "walking backward up a wall in the presence of a family case manager and hospital nurse"—this movie-ready tale even features screaming Catholic priests performing exorcisms.

Shocking Ghost Video Shows Ghost Robbing Liquor Store

Ken Layne · 10/21/13 03:00PM

There's a lot of phony ghost videos out there, but this footage from multiple security cameras is perhaps the most shockingly real ghost ever seen. While the entity is clearly visible moving through the aisles and examining the alcoholic beverages offered by the store, the ghost did not actually take any liquor, because ghosts cannot really carry things.

Lost Ghost Hunters Turn Out to Be Lost Meth Makers

Taylor Berman · 08/08/13 08:16PM

If you get lost in the woods while making meth in the the middle of the night, it's probably not the best idea to call the police for help. And if you do call the cops, you probably shouldn't tell them that you, along with your two friends, were out hunting for ghosts. Alas, this is just what a man in North Carolina decided to do earlier this week, a decision that landed him and his two meth-making/ghost-hunting partners in jail.

Biggie Smalls Will Appear as a Friendly Ghost in a New Cartoon Starring His Children

Caity Weaver · 03/12/13 03:40PM

Have you always felt that the Scooby-Doo cartoon series would have been better served by the incorporation of a murdered father character in lieu of the combative Scrappy-Doo? Time to test our your theory, weird kid: The Notorious B.I.G.'s teenage children are set to star in a new animated musical series called House of Wallace —and Biggie will appear as a ghost.

The Paranormal Activity Franchise Needs To Die Already, But It Won't

Rich Juzwiak · 10/19/12 10:20AM

Paranormal Activity 4 runs on cheap thrills. After some time set aside for exposition that can be summed up as, "Something weird is going on in a house inhabited by at least one person who is tech-savvy enough to set up surveillance," the movie starts pummeling us with jump scares. If you've ever seen a horror movie, you should be familiar with the jump scare, the trick of a simultaneous on-screen surprise accompanied by a loud sound. These are effective (if always annoying) when used sparsely; in Paranormal Activity 4 they make for a monotonous rhythm.

Couple Sue Landlord Over Haunted House

Louis Peitzman · 04/16/12 11:00PM

Why didn't the family on American Horror Story think of this? A man with the unlikely name Jose Chinchilla and his fiancée Michele Callan are suing their landlord after renting a house they've decided is haunted.

Hedonistic Ghosts Rudely Sex It up in Woman's Living Room

Lauri Apple · 11/02/11 04:30AM

This smokey whitish mass of nothing obvious in particular is actually—and this is serious, guys—authentic ghost porn. Look again. See the human-shaped figures? See the outline of the lady-ghost's high-heel? Not really? You're probably not trying hard enough. Look again.